Vanderbilt University (1994 - 1997)

Swalla Lab 1995

From left: Lee Hendricks, Thao Thieu, Jay Raveill, Billie Swalla, Karen A Thomas, Karen E Thomas, Kristen Suling.

Swalla Lab 1997

April 1997 Margarita Party
Back: Ann, Thao Thieu, Jennifer Wambach, Jennifer Ross, Karen Strunk, Allison Hatmaker
Front: Chris Cameron, Dr Swalla, McLean Jackson

Jay Raveill's going away party-off to another post-doc (Jay doesn't drink....); Vanderbilt 1996

Karen A Thomas and Lee Hendricks, undergraduates at Vanderbilt, 1996.

Thao's friend, Thao Thieu, Kristen Suling and Becky Jones during a lab outing at Becky's farm in Murphesboro, TN in Spring 1996.

Laura Corley in the Swalla Lab in 1996.

Laura Corley and Cati Logan collecting Mnemiopsis at MBL, Woods Hole, MA in Summer 1996.