Barbara Citko's Research
My research  in theoretical syntax is informed by the tradition of generative grammar pioneered by Noam Chomsky in the late fifties, which assumes the existence of an innate language faculty distinct from (but interfacing with) other cognitive systems. Its most recent incarnation, the Minimalist Program, takes this innate language faculty to be an optimal solution to the constraints imposed on it by the cognitive systems with which it interacts. The impact of my research in this minimalist enterprise is threefold. First, my theoretical research on multidominance (the kinds of syntactic structures which allow a single alement to occupy two positions simultaneoulsy) and phases (self-contained pieces of syntactic structure, interacting with the non-syntactic components of language) contributes to our understanding of the structure building mechanisms in language on the one hand, and the constraints these structures are subject to on the other. Second, on an empirical level, my research contributes to our understanding of various types of so-called wh-constructions in natural language, especially the ones that do not receive a lot of attention in the literature, such as free relatives (e.g. John eats whatever Bill cooks) or wh-questions with coordinated wh-pronouns (e.g. What and where does John eat?). And third, my research on Polish contributes to our understanding of the syntax of Slavic languages and, more generally, to our understanding of which aspects of language are universal and which ones are subject to crosslinguistic variation. 
Recent and Upcoming Presentations
Citko, Barbara and Martina Gracanin-Yuksek. 2013. 'Multiple Coordinated Relative Clauses'. Presented at the LSA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Jan 6, 2013. [handout]
Citko, Barbara and Martina Gracanin-Yuksek. 2012. 'Wh-coordination in Free Relatives'. Presented at NELS 43, CUNY Graduate Center, Oct 19, 2012.  [handout]
Citko, Barbara. 2012. Obviation and Control: A view from Polish. Presented at SinFonija 5, University of Vienna, Sept 17, 2012. [handout]
Representative Publications  
Citko, B. 2014. Phase Theory. An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Citko, B. 2011. Symmetry in Syntax: Merge, Move and Labels. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Journal Articles
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