Barbara Citko's Teaching
Current Teaching (Spring 2014)
LING 509: Syntactic Theory (graduate)
course website (for registered students)
LING 580: Topics in Negation and Polarity (graduate)
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Winter 2014:
LING 461: Syntax I (undergraduate)
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LING 508: Syntactic Theory II (graduate)
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Graduate Seminars I have taught
LING 580: Topics in Ellipsis
● taught in the Fall 2012
LING 580: The Great Control vs. Movement Debate: Topics in Control Theory
● taught in the Winter 2011
● syllabus         
LING 580: The Status of the (Null Subject) Parameter(s) in the Minimalist Program
● taught in the Winter 2010
LING 580: Locality
● co-taught in the Fall of 2008 with Edith Aldridge
LING 580: Topics in the Syntax of Wh-Constructions 
● taught in the Winter of 2008
LING 580: Symmetry in Syntax?
● taught in the Winter of 2007
LING 580: Topics in the Syntax of Relative Clauses
● taught in the Fall of 2005
Other courses I teach on a fairly regular basis
LING 461: Syntax I
● undergraduate introduction to syntax
● syllabus from Fall 2010
LING 462: Syntax II
● undergraduate intermediate syntax
● syllabus from Spring 2009
 LING 507: Syntactic Theory I
● graduate introduction to syntax
 LING 508: Syntactic Theory II
● graduate intermediate syntax
● syllabus from Winter 2007
LING 509: Syntactic Theory III
● graduate advanced syntax
● syllabus from Spring 2012
Other courses I have taught at the University of Washington
LING 200: Introduction to Linguistic Thought
● undergraduate introduction to linguistics
LING 480: Language Universals
● undergraduate typology course
● syllabus