March 15, 2009


We have established a new web site to display information related to the pending CFR RCEP initiated by the Provost under Section 26-41(C) of the Faculty Handbook. We will update it periodically. The web site for the pending RCEP is:

  • 2009 CFR RCEP Web Page

    In recent emails related to the pending CFR RCEP, the Provost refers to selected information about our College that dates back to 2001. If you wish to review a more complete history of the College since 2001, you may visit a web page that contains additional communications arranged in chronological order. A second website describes the 2003 RCEP related to our curricula transformations. These two websites are located at:

  • 2003 CFR RCEP


  • College Communications (in chronological order).

    B. Bruce Bare
    Dean and Professor
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