..Biochemical Engineering


Lectures: Tu/Th 2:30-3:50 BNS 115
Instructor: Prof. François Baneyx, BNS307, 685-765
Office Hours: Open door policy
Grading: Midterm 40%; Final 40%; Homeworks 20%
Textbook: None; handouts and web-based reading materials will be provided
Objectives: (i) to introduce seniors and graduate students to the applications of kinetics, reactor design and mass transfer in biological and biochemical processes; (ii) to learn unit operations used in the recovery of biological products; and (iii) to understand and use basic biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics principles.
Date Tentative Topic
January 7 Microbial diversity
January 9 Carbohydrates; Lipids
January 14 Proteins and enzymes
January 16 Enzymatic kinetics
January 21 Enzymatic kinetics; Nucleic acids
January 23 Gene expression and regulation
January 28 Gene regulation; Mutations
January 30 Genetic engineering
February 4 Cell stoichiometry
February 6 Midterm Exam
February 11 Sterilization; Cell growth
February 13 Chemostat theory; Mathematical models
February 18 Biorector design I
February 20 Biorector design II
February 25 Immobilized cells
February 27 Immobilized enzymes
March 4 Biosensors
March 6 Product recovery I
March 11 Product recovery II
March 13 Product recovery III
March 18 Final Exam (4:30-6:30)
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