..Biochemical Engineering
..Reading and Supplementary Materials.


.Microbial diversity and basic cell biology
Animated structures of eukaryotic and bacterial cells at Cells Alive
Bacterial cell structures at Wikipedia
Major groups of prokaryotes at the Textbook of Bacteriology
A very good description of Extremophiles on Microbial Life
An outstanding discussion of the origin of life and photosynthetic processes
Curated links to a broad range of pathogenic bacteria at the bottom of this page
A classified photo gallery of pathogenic bacteria by Neal Chamberlain
A searchable image gallery of various microbial and animal species by Dennis Kunkel
A discussion of bacterial motility with videos at Microbiologybytes
A definition of taxonomy and a tutorial on how to read and construct evolutionary trees
Growth media and laboratory techniques to cultivate bacteria
.Carbohydrates and lipids
An introduction to carbohydrates (PDF)
Carbohydrate chapter at the Natural Products Virtual Textbook
Carbohydrates at Wikipedia
An introduction to lipids (PDF)
Lipid chapter at the Natural Products Virtual Textbook
Lipids at Wikipedia
Additional information on macromolecules and membranes at NetBiochem
Physico-chemical properties and images of amino acids at Berlin Institute of Chemistry
Pictures and movies of amino acids from Song Tan's laboratory
An introduction to proteins (PDF)
A simplified introduction to Protein Folding at Edinburgh University
A description of the structure and function of the major E. coli molecular chaperones
Proteins, peptides and amino acids chapter of the Natural Products Virtual Textbook
Pictures and movies of secondary structure elements from Song Tan's laboratory
Principles of Protein Structure and Modeling at Expasy
Pictures and movies of selected proteins from Song Tan's laboratory
Movies of proteins in motion, unfolding and aggregating from Valerie Daggett's laboratory
Types and mechanisms of post-translational modifications
Protein modification in the Golgi at Virtual Cell
Additional information on enzyme kinetics at the Medical Biochem Page and Wikipedia
A series of animations showing how to experimentally determine enzyme kinetics
.Nucleic acids
Nucleic acids chapter of the Natural Products Virtual Textbook
An interactive animated tutorial on DNA structure by Eric Martz
.Replication, transcription and translation
The genetic code at Ultranet
A discussion of the validity of the central dogma of molecular biology
An introduction to transcription at Wikipedia
An introduction to transcription at Ultranet
Animations of eukaryotic transcription at Virtual Cell and Biology Animations
A discussion of RNA polymerases at Wikipedia
A very good advanced review of alternative sigma factors by Kathryn Boor et al.
PDB molecule of the month: the TATA-binding protein
An introduction and animations of translation at Virtual Cell and Ultranet
PDB molecule of the month: the ribosome
The ribosome at Wikipedia
PDB molecule of the month: aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
PDB molecule of the month: the EF-Tu and EF-G elongation factors
Differences between gene processing in prokaryotes and eukaryotes from McGraw-Hill
.Regulation of gene expression
Classes of DNA-binding proteins at Wikipedia and at
PDB molecule of the month: the Lac repressor
An example of a DNA binding protein-DNA complex: CRP (use Images and Visualization window)
A video of the lac operon at Virtual Cell
A course on control of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes at the Medical Biochemistry Page which includes a discussion of the lac and trp operons and a section on regulation by small RNAs
.Mutations and mutagenesis
A good discussion of mutations, mutagens and DNA repair by Beth Montelone
The Mutation, repair and recombination chapter of Genomes 2nd Ed. at NCBI
A good Wikipedia article on homologous recombination with a section on bacteria
More information on mutations at Wikipedia
.Recombinant DNA technology and beyond
A discussion of plasmids at Wikipedia
An in depth review of bacterial plasmid replication by Ramón Díaz-Orejas and coworkers
PDB molecule of the month: restriction enzymes
All information that you may wish for on restriction enzymes at REBASE
An overview of restriction enzymes at Wikipedia
An excellent article on the applications of restriction enzymes that includes DNA mapping, DNA assembly, Library constructions and Gene editing at New England Biolabs
Introduction to recombinant DNA technology at Ultranet
Description of the polymerase chain reaction at Wikipedia and a real time PCR tutorial
Animations of PCR from the Dolan DNA Learning Center and at McGraw Hill
In-depth info on PCR and its use in DNA sequencing and in vitro mutagenesis
A link repository for molecular biology and other protocols
Human genes, maps, proteins and diseases on GeneCards
.Cell growth
Nutrition and growth of bacteria at the Textbook of bacteriology
Experimental determination of bacterial growth curves and growth rates
The Monod equation
Other models for cell growth including double substrate limitation and inhibited kinetics
A demonstration of how substrate and enzyme concentrations affect diauxic growth
A description of sterilization techniques at Wikipedia
A discussion of continuous sterilization at RPI
A discussion of air sterilization at RPI
Extensive information on continuous cultivation of microorganisms at RPI
Fermentation equipment from New Brunswick Scientific
Fed-batch systems at RPI
Semi-continuous cultures at RPI
Determination of oxygen transfer rates at RPI
Dimensionless numbers and scale-up at RPI
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