Society for Women in Philosophy -
2013 Distinguished Woman of the Year Award

Alison Wylie, University of Washington

Founded in 1972, SWIP has honored a distinguished woman philosopher every year since the mid-1980s; a full list of past recipients is included at the bottom of this page. The 2013 award session was hosted by SWIP at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division. Click below, on program information, for podcasts of the panel presentations. 


SWIP Award Session - 2013 Eastern APA
28 December 2013 | Baltimore MD

Chair: Sally Haslanger, MITpodcast

Sharyn Clough, Oregon State University podcastpowerpoint
Linda Alcoff, Hunter College CUNY podcast
Elizabeth Potter, Mills Collegepodcast
Sally Scholz, Villanova University podcast
Discussion: Alison Wylie, University of Washington podcast

Q&A podcast

Award announcement:




Past Recipients:     
  Alison Wylie (2013)
Diana Tienjens Meyers (2012)
Jennifer Saul (2011)
Sally Haslanger (2010)
Lorraine Code (2009)
Nancy Tuana (2008)
Joan Callahan (2007)
Ruth Millikan (2006)
Linda Martín Alcoff (2005)
Susan Sherwin (2004)
Eva Feder Kittay (2003)
Sara Ruddick (2002)
Amelie Oksenberg Rorty (2001)
(No recipient was honored in 2000)
Marilyn Frye (1999)
Linda Lopez McAlister (1998)
Claudia Card (1997)
Gertrude Ezorsky (1996)
Alison Jaggar (1995)
Iris Marion Young (1994)
Kathryn Pyne Addelson (1993)
Virginia Held (1992)
Jane Roland Martin (1991)
Sandra Harding (1990)
Hazel Barnes (1989)
Leigh Cauman (1988)
Elizabeth Flowers (1987)
Mary Mothersill (1986)
Marjorie Greene (1985)
Elizabeth Beardsley (1984)