Current work

Summary of research activities

Interactions between parenchymal and optically trapped non-parenchymal cells in matrigel

Pattern formation and motion using holographic optical tweezers in aqueous medium

Pattern formation using holographic optical tweezers in fibrinogen + DMEM medium

Optical tweezers-assisted pattern formation and polymerization-induced disintegration in fibrin gel

Past work

Real-time motion control of 2 micron silica beads using holographic optical tweezers

Single particle transport by avoiding collisions with freely diffusing obstacles

Double particle transport in a crowded workspace

Triple particle transport with multiple circumvention of obstacles

Triple particle transport with both circumvention and obstacle trapping

Manipulation of biological cells using optical tweezers with reduced laser exposure damage

Live demonstration of coordinated ground robots mimicking aircraft carrier deck operations

Human-robot collaboration for picking up and placing industrial parts from bins