Ernesto Alvarado C.

Research Associate Professor
Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
UW (206) 616-6920 PWFSL (206) 732-7842
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Curriculum Vitae


Teaching and Training




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Other Interests

I am a Research Associate Professor of Wildland Fire Sciences at the University of Washington. My teaching and research interests include a wide variety of topics in the forest fires -- biomass combustion, fire ecology, fire management, prescribed fire, smoke emissions, climate change, tropical forestry, landscape, international forestry, traditional ecological knowledge, and modeling. I am a member of the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Research Team (FERA) of the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory in Seattle, Washington. My research interest covers ecosystems across the Americas from the boreal forests of Alaska to the western United States, protected areas in Mexico, and the tropical forests of Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. I have been a visiting scientist at Brazil's National Institute of Space Research, Mexico's National Autonomous University, the University of Guadalajara in Autlan, Mexico, and at the Bolivian Forest Research Institute.

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