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Warren G. Gold

Associate Professor  

University of Washington, Bothell

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences 

Box 358530

18115 Campus Way NE

Bothell, WA 98011-8246 USA

Tel: (425) 352-5409

E-mail: wgold@u.washington.edu

Office: UW1 Room 140


UW Restoration Ecology Network

University of Washington, Bothell

Box 358530

18115 Campus Way NE

Bothell, WA 98011-8246 USA

Tel: (425) 352-5409

E-mail: uwren@u.washington.edu

Office: UW 1 Room 140


Research Interests & Background

  • Arctic & Alpine Ecology

  • Plant Adaptation to Cold Environments

  • Ecosystem Role of Cryptobiotic Crusts

  • Restoration of Arctic & Alpine Ecosystems

  • Plant Response to Grazing

  • Plant / Ecosystem Response to UV Radiation

UWB Courses

    Science Methods & Practice     (BES 301)

    Ecology     (BES 312)

    Future Washington (BIS 358)

    Nature in the Northwest (BIS 241)

    Ecology & the Environment     (BIS 390)

    Campus Ecology (BCUSP 133)

    Pacific Northwest Ecosystems (BES 489)

    Ecological Methods (BES 316)

    Distinguished Speaker Course (BGEN 591)

    Environmental Practice (BLS 393)

    Wetland Ecology (BLS 393B)

    Restoration Ecology Capstone I (BES 462)

    Restoration Ecology Capstone II (BES 463)


University of Washington, Bothell

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UW Restoration Ecology Network

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    UW-REN Senior Capstone Program

    UW-REN Senior Capstone Projects 2007-8

    Yesler Creek Capstone Project 2008


Summer Environmental Education Days (SEED) Institute

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