Pacific Northwest Ecology & Restoration

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FLORA (plant information also often included within ecosystems sites listed below)


Washington State & Pacific Northwest Flora

PNW Native Plants & their Restoration Specifications (Prof. Kern Ewing & students)

Central Washington Native Plants (Central WA Native Plant Society Chapter)

Okanogan Native Plants (Central WA Native Plant Society Chapter)

Conifers of the Cascade Range

Plant Associations in the Puget Trough Ecoregion (WA Natural Heritage Program)

Native & Naturalized Woody Plants of Oregon (Oregon State Univ)

Native Plants: Identifying, Propagating & Landscaping (WSU Cooperative Extension Service)

King County Native Plant Guide (gardening with natives)

Native Plants: Plant ID Database  (WSU Cooperative Extension Service)

Palouse Grassland Plant Communities (WSU Herbarium)

Native Plants of the Palouse (WSU Herbarium)

Plant Indicator Guide for Northern British Columbia (BC Ministry of Forests and Range)

Wetland Indicator Status of Plants (USDA ARS)

Forested Plant Associations of the Wenatchee National Forest: A Field Guide (US Forest Service)

Ecophysiology of PNW Conifers    (introduction page)

Pacific Northwest Habitats (Northwest Habitat Institute - IBIS Database)

Oregon Plant Atlas (Oregon State University)

Oregon Flora Project  (Oregon State University)

Trees of the Dungeness

Washington State Plant Image Collection (UW Burke Museum / UW Herbarium)

Western WA Flora - images & information (Univ of Puget Sound)

Forested Wetland & Indicator Plants of Western WA  (WA State Department of Natural Resources)

University of Washington Botanic Gardens


Pacific Northwest Exotic Invasive Species (Flora)

King County Noxious Weeds

Washington State Noxious Weeds (WA Weed Control Board)

Global Invasive Species Initiative (The Nature Conservancy & UC Davis)

Invasive Plant Management  (The Nature Conservancy & UC Davis)

National Invasive Species Information Center (USDA)


Plants of Local Sites

Kruckeberg Botanical Garden


General Flora (some applies to PNW also)

USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information Service (FEIS) (includes good information on plant ecology & fire effects for plants throughout the US)

North American Plants: phylogeny & photographs (Univ of Georgia)

Albion College Vascular Plant Image Database

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)


Plants of the North: Boundary Waters Wilderness Area


Organizations & Native Plant Nurseries

Washington Native Plant Society

Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes

Native Seed Network

Rainyside Gardeners

Sound Native Plants

Fourth Corner Nursery

Classic Nursery

Inside Passage Seed Company

King Conservation District

Snohomish Conservation District


FAUNA (animal information also often included within ecosystems sites listed below)


Washington State & Pacific Northwest Fauna

Eastern Washington Wildlife (WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)

Status & Trends of the Northern Spotted Owl (1995 Report - US Forest Service)

Interactions of Introduced Trout & Native Biota in High Elevation Lakes  (1995 Report - US Forest Service)

Translocated Sea Otter Populations  (1995 Report - US Forest Service)

Birds, Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fishes & Dragonflies of WA  (Slater Natural History Museum, Univ of Puget Sound)

Priority Habitats & Species (WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)

Washington State Birds - BirdWeb (Seattle Audubon Society)

Washington State Herpetological Atlas (Amphibians & Reptiles)  (WA State Dept Natural Resources)

Wildlife of the PNW (Island Discovery & Training, British Columbia)


General Fauna (applies to PNW also)




Project Seawolf  ("Protecting Marine Ecology in the PNW")




General Region Ecosystems & Ecoregions

Burke Museum Natural History of Washington Site

Ecosystems of Washington (brief descriptions from the WA Native Plant Society)

The Geology of Washington (WA State DNR)

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources Geology Information

Washington State DNR Digital Bibliography of Geological Resources

Washington Nature Mapping Program

Ecosystems of British Columbia (BC Ministry of Forests and Range)

BC Ministry of Forests and Range Publications (a number of ecosystem brochures & reports)

BC Ministry of Forests and Range Ecology & Ecosystem Brochures

Active Fire Maps - Western US  (US Forest Service)

Forest Insect & Disease Highlights in WA for 2001 (2002 US Forest Service report)

Flora & Fauna of the Northwest  (Gresham High School)

Status & Trends of PNW Ecosystems (1995 Report - US Forest Service)

Temperate Rain Forests (Wheeling Jesuit Univ. / NASA sponsored project)

Washington GAP Analysis Project (WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)

Washington Biodiversity Project (WA State Interagency program)

Washington Ecoregions (from the Washington Biodiversity Project)

Our Living Resources: Distribution, Abundance, and Health of U.S. Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems (1995 US Forest Service Report)

Pacific Northwest Research Station Publications (US Forest Service)

A License to Kill (2005 Seattle PI Series on Endangered Species & Habitat Conservation Plans)

Priority Habitats & Species (WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)

NRCS Web-based Soil Survey Information


Ecosystems, flora & fauna of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area


West-side Ecosystems - low elevations

Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM Project - Univ of Washington)

South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape Working Group

Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society (Victoria, BC)

Garry Oak Restoration Project (British Columbia)

Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (British Columbia)

Puget Sound Prairie Appreciation Day

Preserving Prairies & Savannas in the PNW (2005 article in Plant Talk by Ed Alverson)

Roosevelt Elk & Forest Structure in Olympic NP (1995 Report - US Forest Service)

Exploring the Intertidal (British Columbia site)

Ecology of Rocky Shores (State Univ. of New York - but good focus on PNW)

Virtual Tide Pool (Public Broadcasting System; not PNW but way cool!)

PNW Marine Water Temperature Data (NOAA)

Willapa Watershed Information System (Willapa Alliance; Pacific County)


West-side Ecosystems - high elevations

Centre for Alpine Studies  (Univ. of British Columbia)

Glacier macroinvertebrates (report of the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project)

North Cascade Glacier Climate Project

Mount Rainier National Park (not an official NPS site but includes some basic lists of biota)

Mount Rainier National Park (official NPS site with basic science information)

North Cascades National Park (official NPS site with basic science information)

Olympic National Park (official NPS site with basic science information)

Mount Saint Helens Ecological Recovery (US Forest Service)

Mountain Goat Decline in the Cascades (2004 WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife article)

NRCS Snow Data Center (SNO-TEL)   Washington State SNO-TEL Data

Cascades Volcano Observatory (US Geological Survey)

Subalpine Forests of Western North America  (1995 Report - US Forest Service)



East-side Ecosystems

Mountain Pine Bark Beetle Outbreak  (BC Ministry of Forests and Range)

Arid Lands Teachers Handbook (Partnership for Arid Lands Stewardship - Battelle Pacific NW Laboratories)

Partnership for Arid Lands Stewardship  (Battelle Pacific NW Laboratories)

Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (US Forest Service)  alternate link

Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project Draft EIS (US Forest Service)

Colville National Forest (US Forest Service)

Wenatchee National Forest (US Forest Service)

Wetlands of the Palouse Prairie (Idaho Dept of Fish & Game)

Palouse Prairie Conservation Status (1997 Report - Idaho Dept of Fish & Game)

Historical Landscapes of the Columbia Basin (1999 Report - US Forest Service)

Biodiversity and Land-use History of the Palouse Bioregion (1999 Land Use History of North America book - US Geological Survey)

Ecological Development Plan for the Palouse Region (Univ of Idaho)

Palouse Prairie Foundation



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