Graduate Student Theses Related to Microcellular Plastics

Greg Branch, MS 2001
" A lab-scale machine for semi-continuous production of solid-state foams"

Chris Barlow, MS 1997
"The Effects of Microstructure on the Fracture Behavior of Microcellular Polycarbonate"

Sharon Eddy, MS 1996
"Solid State PETG Foams"

Mark Holl, PhD 1995
"Dynamic Analysis, Measurement, and Control of Cell Growth in Solid State Polymeric Foams"

Richard Juntunen, MS in progress
"Thermal Conductivity of microcellular foams"

Brian Kang, MS 1997 (Reinhall, co-chair)
"Damping Behavior of Microcellular Foams"

Nate Lee, MS 1998 (Reinhall, co-chair)
"Sound Absorption Behavior of PETG Microcellular Foams"

Romano Montecillo, MS 1993
"Feasibility of Producing Microcellular Thin Films in the Polycarbonate - CO2 System"

Ross Murray, MS 1999
"Porous Polymers for Biomaterial Applications"

Krishna Nadalla, MS in progress
"Synthesis of a Process for Microcellular PVC Extrusion"

Gavin Stanley, MS 1997
"Extrusion of PVA Thin Films"

Paul Stolarczuk, MS 1995
"Process to Structure Characterization of Microcellular PET"

Mike VanderWell, MS 1990
"Microstructure and Tensile Behavior of Microcellular Polycarbonate"

John E. Weller, PhD 1996
"The Effects of Processing and Microstructure on the Tensile Behavior of Microcellular Foams"

John Weller, MS 1990
"Synthesis of a Manufacturing Process to Make Microcellular Polycarbonate Parts"

Peter Wallingford, MS 2001
"Effect of CO2 Sorption and Desorption on Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate"

Greg Wing, MS 1993
"Time Dependent Behavior of Microcellular Polycarbonate"