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Principal Investigator

Sharlene E. Santana

Professor, UW Biology
Curator of Mammals, Burke Museum


Jeff Bradley

Mammalogy Collection Manager

Abigail Curtis

Research Scientist

Main project: Multifunctional bat skulls

(+Postdoctoral Scholar, 2016-2019)

Postdoctoral Scholars

Iroro Tanshi (WRF Fellow)

Main project: Traits for conservation: Afrotropical bat ecomorphology with a focus on the Endangered Short-tailed Roundleaf bat

PhD Students

Vaibhav Chhaya

Thesis topic: TBD

Edú Guerra

Thesis topic: TBD

Donavan Jackson

Thesis topic: Morphological and genetic variation within chipmunks (Tamias)

David Villalobos Chaves

Thesis topic: Ecomorphological and trophic diversification of Neotropical myomorphous rodents

Flo Visconti

Thesis topic: TBD

Undergraduate Researchers

Team teeth & mandibles

Arion Chao

Main project: Mandible functional morphology in reptiles

Lindsay Engelbert

Main project: Testing methods to quantify dental topography

Team Piper

Sneha Sil

Main projects: Ecological and evolutionary interactions between bats and plants; acoustics analytical methods

Team Squirrel

Abby Burtner

Main projects: Evolution of body shape diversity in Sciuridae; Understanding the origin of bat flight: evolutionary modeling of mammal limb morphologies

Annika McFeely

Main project: Evolution of body shape diversity in Sciuridae

Hannah Rickman

Main project: Evolution of body shape diversity in Sciuridae


Jessica Arbour – Postdoctoral Scholar (2016-2019)

Ada Kaliszewska – Postdoctoral Scholar (2015-2019)

Chris Law – Postdoctoral Scholar (2019-2022)

Rochelle Kelly – PhD, 2019; Thesis: Diversity, distributions, and activity of bats in the San Juan Islands

Leith Leiser-Miller – PhD, 2019; Thesis: Sensory ecology, morphology and behavior of Neotropical leaf-nosed bats

Katie Stanchak – PhD, 2019; Thesis: Functional anatomy and evolution of a novel skeletal element in bat feet

Abby Vander Linden – Research Technician (2013-2015)

We are deeply thankful to the numerous undergraduate alumni who have contributed to our research, collection operations, and outreach over the years.