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This page is not pretty. It is simply a convenient place for me to list links instead of cluttering my main page, which is found HERE. I am a faculty member of the Chemistry Department at the University of Washington in Seattle.

My background is in biological physics; my Ph.D. is in physics from Princeton University with Sol Gruner. At Princeton I studied how the lipid composition of a membrane altered the activity of an ion channel in that membrane using voltage-clamping and x-ray scattering. I then became a post-doc with Joe Zasadzinski back when he was at the University of California at Santa Barbara. There, I looked at other membrane and surfactant systems with electron microscopy. I did a second postdoc at Stanford with Harden McConnell and studied lipids in monolayers: how the miscibility critical point and the propensity for complex formation depend on lipid composition. I have been a faculty member at the University of Washington since 2000.

UW and Seattle

  • UW degree validation
  • UW cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude requirements
  • UW Grants and Contracts Office
  • UW travel booking service (US flights only)
  • UW contract airfares
  • UW per diem for lodging and meals
  • UW voice mail system and commands quick reference
  • Seattle Bus Trip Planner
  • One bus away: Track buses to UW and Seattle in real time
  • Traffic alerts for Washington State
  • Robot lawyer for Seattle parking tickets
  • Car2Go Seattle
  • Seattle Light Rail
  • Seattle Maps by 'Lost in Seattle'
  • Where to locally dispose of anything (e.g. compact fluorescents, smoke detectors) (Not only for Seattle)
  • Where to donate magazines - Urban Rest Stop
  • Where to donate furniture - to previously homeless families
  • Where to donate interview-appropriate clothes and accessories for women
  • Local Precipitation and Water Supplies
  • Will it rain the day you visit Seattle?
  • Will you see the Aurora Borealis when you visit Seattle?
  • Washington Trails Association
  • Seattle dance scene (everything)
  • Savoy Dance Calendar

  • Travel

  • Exchange rates
  • UW Global Travelers Services (e.g. International emergency number)
  • International Dialing Codes (from anywhere to anywhere else)
  • CDC Travel Health Listings by Country.
  • US Dept of State travel warnings
  • Bed Bug Registry and Bed Bug Reports
  • Bolt Bus
  • Lonely Planet Guides
  • Multimap Bird's Eye View of Britain (try Clarkson Road or Benet St, Cambridge)
  • Maps of U.S. States
  • PCL Map Collection (extensive)
  • Sabbatical House Exchange
  • "Doctor in the House" accommodation London/Edinburgh
  • Airbnb

    Kid Stuff

    School lunch menus
    School snow-day listings (search for your district)
    Seattle public schools online communication ("The Source")
    Free Family Fun Day at the Wing Luke Museum (third Saturdays)
    Free first Saturdays at the Asian Art Museum
    Folk Life Festival (Late May)
    Seattle Science Festival (June)
    Burke Museum day camp
    UW Botanic Gardens, 1st-6th grade, 15% discount to UW
    Seattle Audubon Day Camp (grades 1-9).
    summerfun Performing and Visual Arts Daycamp (age 7-12, 3 week)
    Neo Art School
    Sewing camp classes (9-3, Ballard)
    Woodland Park Zoo Camps
    UCDS Summer Camps
    Pacific Science Center (K-9)
    Seattle Aquarium
    Camp ZinZanni
    Raspberry Pyrates Coding Camp for Girls 3 days only?
    UW Summer Youth Programs day camp
    Arena Sports Soccer Camp
    Arena Sports - General
    UW Sports Camps
    Dance Fremont summer program
    The Center for Wooden Boats (ages 9+)
    Girls Leadership Institute, closest is in Bay Area, grade 6,7,8 weekends
    Girls Rock Camp in Portland (ages 8-17, registration open Jan 1)
    Girls Rock Camp in Seattle (ages 8-17, opens April 2)
    iD Tech Camps STEM (ages 7-17, held at UW)
    Digital Media Academy (ages 6-17, held at UW)
    Camp Sealth, Overnight "resident" camp on Vashon Island (entering grades 1+).
    YMCA Camp Orkila, Overnight camp on Orcas Island, entering grade 6+.
    Camp Nor'Wester, Overnight camp on John's Island (4 week sessions).
    Wilderness Awareness School Camp, Overnight camp for ages 11+. Day camps from 6-12, but far away.
    Robinson Center summer program (5th-10th grade)
    Center for Talented Youth (7th grade and above is in Seattle, take test for eligibility)
    UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars (Grades 5-6, Grades 7-10)
    NOAA Science Camp for Middle Schoolers (Grades 7-8)
    NOAA Junior Leadership Program Camp (Grades 9-12)
    Microsoft Digigirlz Day and High Tech Camp (High School)
    Girls Adventures in Math, Eng, and Sci (U of Illinois) (entering Grades 9-12)
    Summer Institute for Mathematics at UW (High school, after 3 yrs high school math)
    Washington Business Week (grade 9-12, highly recommended by Kat D.)
    Quadrilla Twist and Rail Marble Run, Maze Ways Cat and Mouse, Klutz paper airplanes, ThinkFun Hoppers, Top Trumps, Quirkle, Immune Attack by Federation of American Scientists (PC only?), Crayon Physics (PC, not Mac yet), Fantastic Contraption physics game (yes, for Mac too), Prehistoric Park, World of Goo (recommended by Sarah Veatch)
    Spectrum Dance Theater
    eXit SPACE young dancer program
    Feminist Karate Union. Also heard good things about Washington Karate Assn, Ballard Dojo (Greenwood)
    Mike and Benk's List (PDF).
    Deborah's Apps: FingerPhysics, TanZen lite, circular TTT (circular tic tac toe), jirbo says (simon says), jellycar2 (8-9 yrs), artilect (8-9).
    Ka Yee's kids: The Wind in the Willows, Time Warp Trio, Princess Frog, Spiderwick Chronicles (starting with The Field Guide), Mrs. Frisbee and the rats of NIMH, Bones (graphic novel), Lone Wolf (Jodi Picoult). Julianne: How to train your dragon, Cornelia Funke, Mysterious Benedict Society
    New Beginnings - Battered women and their children, 206-926-3034.
    Baby Boutique - For homeless families, 206-902-4270.
    West Side Baby - Clothing and toys for infants in homeless and low-income families, 206-767-1662.
    Treehouse - For foster kids
    Elizabeth Gregory House - Homeless women (no children) in U-District
  • BOOKS:
    Math Start / Stuart Murphy (e.g. Missing Mittens) Macaulay: (Castle, Cathedral, City, Mill, Mosque, Pyramid, Rome Antics, Ship, Underground), Howtoons
    Online lists of recommendations for kid lit: Berkeley parent's network for 5-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, Age appropriate for advanced readers, including Discussion of gender issues. More for advanced readers (with summaries). A mighty girl books. Kid lit that has won awards, NPR kid lit ages 9+, NPR's 100 best books for 9-14, NPR's 100 best teen novels, NPR's 100 best graphic novels, Gutenberg - free downloads, e.g. Ozma of Oz, Molly Moon (free reads)
    Set, Tangoes, Rivers Roads and Rails, ThinkFun River Crossing, ThinkFun Rush Hour, ThinkFun Chocolate Fix, ThinkFun Tilt, ThinkFun Safari Undercover, Castle Logix, Lab coat and goggles for 18-inch doll, Kid-friendly Microscope, or the "Duoscope" microscope by My First Lab (recommended by Kit!)
  • APPs:
    Math Girl (Number Garden and Addition House), Motion Math (Hungry Fish, Zoom, and Wings), Simple Physics, Dragon Box
  • DVDS:
    Schoolhouse Rock, TMBG Here Come the ABCs, TMBG Here come the 123s, TMBG Here Comes Science, Electric Company, Anything by Attenborough (e.g. Life of Birds)
    OK Go's Three Primary Colors
    I love to rhyme all of the time
    TMBG "Big Box of Free Things"
    6 Seattle Kindie Rock Bands
    Caspar Babypants
    Recess Monkey
    Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child and its Audio Archives
    Bill and Ella
    Science Fair
    Singing Science Records
    Cootie Catcher with 3-letter phonetic words.
    Ages 0-100 in 150 seconds
    Pet Watch (Is your exotic pet eco-friendly or a terror?)
    Beginner origami for kids
    Reign of Aquaria
    MARINE BIOLOGY: Monterrey Aquarium Critter Cards, Oregon Coast Aquarium Outreach Program Activities: see "From Tube Feet to Tentacles", etc.
    MATH: Telegraph Gridclub (5-12), Cambridge Math Games (5-19), DuPage Children's Museum Math Challenges, UCSB math circle problems, Math for love (Seattle) and its salon, Seattle GEMS competition (March), Squares of Differences, One-Two Nim Game, Khan Academy. MUSIC: Band music: Standard of Excellence Book 1
    SCHOOL: 30 questions to replace "How was your day?", How to ace teacher conferences
    AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: Signing Savvy dictionary, My Smart Hands (for kids). Numbers 1-10, ASL Letters, Video1, Video2, and Video3
    KARATE: Heian Nidan and Matsukaze
    SCIENCE: Instructables Easy Squiggle Bot, Science toys to make, Science activities from Zoom-a-zoom-a-zoom-a-zoom, Activity pages at the Smithsonian, What is a flame?, Why does sweat stink?, What is hemoglobin?, Plate Tectonics simplified, CDC epidemiology puzzle iPad app
    CODING: Digigirlz online instructions for podcast and web design, Grace Hopper documentary
    PRETEENS AND TEENS: Great Conversations with Preteens, Sexual consent: "Unconscious people don't want tea!", Lisa Wade on college hookup culture, Self-defense at "Just Yell Fire!", X-plan Rookie mag (e.g. "Friends with prejudice"), Is it real news or fake news? "Checkology" virtual classroom, Seattle's Teen Tix ($5 shows for 13-19 year olds), Actual net cost at ~1,500 colleges (2015)
    The Kid Should See This (blog)
    Nature Boom Time
    Emily Graslie's Brain Scoop
    The Field Museum's videos and blog
    HHMI's short science education films
    The Sci Show
    It's OKAY to be Smart (Youtube) and at PBS
    Tom McFadden's Science Raps
    Sylvia's Maker Show
    Lovely visualizations of probability
    Search for El Perro Y El Gato on YouTube

    Pleasant ways to spend time that I don't actually have

  • WRITERS: Ray Shea / Rob Carlson's blogs, tweets, Biology is Technology, GBN bio, Economist interview (click "Video Podcast"), Congressional briefing.
  • VISUALIZATION AND STATISTICS: Font Sunday / Gapminder, Hans Rosling and his Greatest Hits, including the Joy of Stats / Information is Beautiful / Junk Charts / Maps of Racial Segregation in U.S. Cities / Ben Goldacre battling bad science / The price of gas / Correlation v. causation: Did Ava's cause the housing bubble? / NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, including Perpetual ocean, and its mirror on YouTube / Five thirty eight.
  • RADIO AND PODCASTS: Radiolab at WNYC - Ring Cycle story The Ring and I" / The Moth Radio Hour / The Naked Scientists.
  • BLOGS: Sociological Images / New Dress A Day
  • BROTHERHOOD 2.0: blog or YouTube channel (e.g. 53 Terrible Jokes on 27Oct2013 and 9Mar2007 Peeptastic)
  • MAKING AND LEARNING STUFF: free university lectures / Traveler's IQ Challenge / / Making tortillas
  • RECOMMENDED BY OTHERS: Awkward black girl, I, racist, TED on happiness (scroll down), Washington Post suggested lectures, Journal of the Public Understanding of Science
  • COMICS: PhD comics / Poorly Drawn Lines / Incidental Comics, including Stray Books and Haruki Murakami bingo

    Box of Happy

  • 2 hamsters, 1 wheel
  • Kitten vs. a waggy tail
  • Buddy and the automatic fetch machine
  • Mewbacca
  • Turtle pullups
  • Pug with a box
  • Sassy bobcat and other bad taxidermy
  • PES
  • Cowboys herding cats
  • Maya Rudolph's vajingle
  • OK Go videos
  • Car and Driver on OK Go
  • OK Go - 3 primary colors
  • Mukhtars Fodselsdag
  • What we should call grad school, (e.g. Going anywhere for break?)
  • John Waters' No Smoking PSA
  • Germany v Greece Philosophy Football
  • Our paperless future
  • Advanced Faculty Wrangling
  • Skeletor Affirmations
  • Google Science Fair (Pause video, hit up & left simultanously, play Snake.)
  • Nice example of Balboa
  • Minimiam: tiny people + food.
  • Lou Reed's Perfect Day covered by Andrew Bird and Matt Berninger
  • The Fucking Weather
  • Ramones v. Misfits pie charts
  • Festo bionic air-penguins
  • Need a Tudor?
  • 100 books that SHOULD be written
  • CGP Grey talking fast
  • Fotoshop by Adob'e
  • Klimas crashing porcelain figurines
  • Natural Histories Project
  • xkcd's Exoplanets; This is an exciting time.
  • 15th C. Flemish portraits in airplane lav
  • Sympathy cards for scientists
  • Box 18


  • Beautiful Dead Bugs
  • Supernumary rainbows
  • AK Fedeau
  • Feminist Punk in 33 Songs
  • NYT's U.S. dialect map.
  • KTRU RealAudio webcast
  • FiveThirtyEight's wedding playlist
  • Which US states take the most federal tax money?
  • Joan Williams on 'What so many people don't get about the U.S. working class'
  • Dan Savage's 'Unsolicited advice for Hillary Clinton'
  • "Know your rights" at U.S. airports & ports of entry

    Save Trees: Reduce junk mail

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