Welcome to the SEPS lab

Center for Integrative Brain Research

Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Dr. Stephen E.P. Smith, PhD


The SEPS lab studies the molecular biology of the glutamate synapse, with a focus on the molecular mechanisms of autism.

Synapses are the points of connection between neurons, responsible for learning and memory.  This neuron has been stained with PSD95 (red) and Ube3a (green). Both proteins co-localize at synapses, points of intense staining distributed along the dendrite. 

Lab News

8/2/2016 The first paper describing our multiplex co-immunoprecipitation technique has been published in Science Signaling. Read it HERE.

8/8/2016 Dr. Smith is named a 2016 NARSAD Young Investigator by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

8/9/2016 Dr. Smith’s Grand Rounds talk at Seattle Children’s Hospital is available HERE