Harvard University:

Philip S. Lobel, Ph.D. (1977-79): Coral reef fish ecology
Kent Redford, Ph.D.(1977-83): Ecology of myrmecophagous mammals
Richard R. Olson, Ph.D. (1978-84): Larval ecology of ascidians
Richard Aronson, Ph.D. (1979-85): Ecology and behavior of octopus, ophiuroids
Colleen Cavanaugh, Ph.D. (1979-85): Biology of bacteria-invertebrate associations (with J. McCarthy, co-advisor)
Mark Patterson, Ph.D. (1979-85): Biomechanics of benthic marine organisms. (with T. McMahon, co-advisor)


Northeastern University:

Kathleen Durante, M.S. (1985-88): Reproductive ecology of ascidians
C. Shannon Briscoe, M.S. (1986-88): Predatory effects of sea urchins
Julia S. Miles, Ph.D. (1985-92): Coelenterate agonistic behavior and energetics
Douglas Updike, M.S. (1988-92): Larval ecology of octocorals
Brian Helmuth, M.S. (1989-91): Particle capture by corals
Krista Graham, M.S. (1989-92): Spatial patterns of larval dispersal
Laura Savina, M.S. (1989-92): Coral symbiosis physiology
Maria Abate, Ph.D. (1992-98): Coral reef fish ecology (with F. Davis, co-advisor)
Katherine Paull, Ph.D. (1992-2000): Crustose algal ecology (with C. Ellis, co-advisor)
Jan Witting, Ph.D. (1992-2000): Suspension feeding by anthozoans (with J. Ayers, co-advisor)


University of Maryland:

Karla Heidelberg, Ph.D. (1992-99, MEES): Feeding biology of anthozoans (with J. Purcell, co-advisor)
Matt Mills, Ph.D. (1993-2000, BIOL): Suspension feeding by corals
Kelton Clark, Ph.D. (1993-2001, MEES): Predator prey interactions in estuaries (with A. Hines, co-advisor)
Thomas Shyka, M.S. (1993-2000, MEES): Nutrient ecology of coral reefs
Andrea Mandella, M.S. (1994-96, ZOOL): Molecular biology of corals
Kimberley Benson, M.S.(1997-98, MEES): Water flow effects on benthos
Brian Badgley, M.S. (1997-2001). nutrient effects on reef corals (M. S.) UMCP Graduate Fellowship recipient, 1997 - 1999. MEES
Elizabeth Jewett, Ph.D. (1998 - present, BIOL): Biology of invasive species
Ruth Kelty, Ph.D. (1998-2000, MEES): Phosphorus uptake by reef corals
Tanja Slota, M.S.(1999-2002, MEES): Zooplankton dynamics on coral reefs
Mark Lupisella, Ph.D. (2000-06, BIOL): Models of community structure

*(ZOOL – Zoology, BIOL – Biology, MEES – Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences Program)


University of Washington:

Robin Elahi, Ph.D. (2006-12. BIOL): Ecology of subtidal rock wall communities
Aaron Galloway, Ph.D.(2007-12, SAFS): Trophic ecology of subtidal communities

*(BIOL - Biology, SAFS - School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)



Mark R. Patterson, Ph.D. (1984-85), Harvard University
Jon D. Witman, Ph.D. (1985-86), University of New Hampshire
Amy Johnson, Ph.D. (1986-88), University of California at Berkeley
Peter Edmunds, Ph.D. (1989-90), Glasgow University
Joaquim Garrabou, Ph.D. (1998-2000), Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Karla Heidelberg, Ph.D. (1999-2001), University of Maryland at College Park
Sarah Gilman, Ph.D. (2005-07), Stanford University (UW FHL Postdoc)
Svetlana Maslakova, Ph.D. (2006-07), George Washington University (UW FHL Postdoc)
Hannah Stewart, Ph.D. (2007-08), University of California at Berkeley (UW FHL Postdoc)
Michael O'Donnell, Ph.D.(2007-09), Stanford University (UW FHL Postdoc)
Robin Kodner, Ph.D. (2008-10), Harvard University (UW FHL Postdoc)
Chris Newfeld, Ph.D. (2011-12), University of Alberta (UW FHL Posdoc)

*(FHL postdocs are supervised by the Director of FHL and also work with other FHL faculty)