Department of Classics

University of Washington

Denny Hall 218
Box 353110
Seattle WA 98195-3110
Tel. (206) 534-2276 / fax (206) 543-2267

Areas of Special Interest:

Latin Prose Literature of the Republic and Early Empire; Greek and Roman spectacle and performance; Roman Social and Cultural History; Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology; Literary Theory and Criticism

University of California, Berkeley    May 2000     Ph.D. Classics
University of California, Berkeley    May 1994     M.A. Latin
University of Washington, Seattle    June 1992     B.A. Philosophy, magna cum laude
University of Washington, Seattle    June 1992     B.A. Latin, Classical Studies, magna cum laude
University of Washington, Seattle, Seminar in Rome    Spring Quarter 1992

University of Washington, Seattle:
Assistant Professor, Department of Classics Fall 2001 - present
Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Classics Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

 Ph.D. Dissertation:

A Political Muse:  Cicero, Catullus, and the Transformation of Textual Culture
Committee: Kathleen McCarthy (chair), Erich Gruen, Andrew Stewart


"Designing Women: Aristophanes' Lysistrata and the 'Hetairization' of the Greek Wife."  forthcoming, Arethusa (arly 2004)
"Rituals of Ink?" Post-Script remarks for forthcoming volume, "Rituals in Ink," to be published by Franz Steiner Verlag (Stuttgart)
"Adulta Uirgo: The Personification of Textual Eloquence in Cicero's Brutus." forthcoming, MD (December 2003 issue)
"<g>Phthonos d' Apesto </g>: The Translation of Transgression in Aiskhylos' Agamemnon" with D. Sailor, ClAnt 18.1 (1999) 153-182

Review: M. Depew and D. Obbink, edd., Matrices of Genre: Authors, Canons, and Society (Harvard 2000), forthcoming, CB
Review: Emanuele Narducci, ed., Interpretare Cicerone: Percorsi della critica contemporanea (Atti del Il Symposium Ciceronianum Arpinas), BMCR 02.12.06
Review: Phebe Lowell Bowditch, Horace and the Gift Economy of Patronage, BMCR 01.11.08
Review: Dominic Monserrat, ed., Changing Bodies, Changing Meanings, BMCR 98.7.20

Papers Delivered:

"Invaluable Collections: the Illusion of Poetic Presence in Martials' Xenia and Apophoreta."  Groningen Conference on Flavian Poetry; 19-23 August 2003
"Daughter, Virgin, Whore? Personifications of Eloquentia in Cicero's Brutus" 2001 APA
"Organizing a Local Conference" presented at the Feminism and Classics III conference, University of Southern California, May 2000
"Accingere Ira: Anger and Intertextuality in Seneca's Medea" Columbia University, Nov. 1999
"Designing Women: Aristophanes' Lysistrata and the Hetairization of the Greek Wife" 1998 APA
"Amphitruonis Sosia: The Transaction of Identity in Plautus' Amphitruo" 1997 APA
"Amazon and Antipolis: The Scythian Ladies' Club" Kress Foundation Art History Colloquium: The Athenian Body Politic, Berkeley, April 1997
"<g>Edokei ho Theos</g>: Theme and the Concept of Healing in the Epidaurian Iamata" 1996 AIA

Invited Talks:

"Visualizing Victory: Art, Ritual, and Rhetoric in the Roman Triumph" Stanford University Humanities Seminar, Art and Text Series, 20 February 2001
[Respondent] ėRituals in Ink: A Conference on Religion and Texts in Ancient Romeî Stanford University, 22-23 February 2002

At the University of Washington
"Alternative Religion in Ancient Rome: the Case of the Jealous God" Phi Beta Kappa Colloquium on Alternative Religions, 6 March 2003

Teaching Experience:

At the University of Washington, Seattle:
Greek 305 Xenophon Fall 2003
Latin 423 Cicero and Sallust Spring 2003
Humanities 103 Self and Society: Changing Conceptions... Spring 2003
Humanities 498 (Simpson Summer Rsch Inst.) Innovations: Text, Technology, and New Media... Summer 2002
Latin 565 Roman Topography and Monuments Seminar Spring 2002 (in Rome)
Latin 465 Roman Spectacle Seminar Spring 2002 (in Rome)
Classics 430 Greek and Roman Mythology Winter 2002
Latin 306 Cicero and Ovid Winter 2002
Latin 520 Literary Dedication & Circulation in Latin Lit. Fall 2001
Greek 102 Intensive Elementary Attic Greek Summer 2001
Classics 428YA Greek and Roman Comedy  Spring 2001
Greek 102 Elementary Attic Greek Winter 2001
Latin 423 Republican Prose (the Catilinarian Conspiracy) Winter 2001
Greek 101 Elementary Attic Greek Fall 2000
Classics 427A Greek and Roman Tragedy Fall 2000, Fall 2003

At the University of California, Berkeley:
Greek 101 Homer (Od. 6, 19, 20, selections) Instructor Spring 2000
Classics 35 Greek Tragedy Instructor Summer 1999
Latin 100 Republican Prose (the Civil War) Instructor Spring 1999
Greek 40 Intermediate Prose Composition Instructor Fall 1997
Greek 10 Intensive Elementary Greek T.A. Summer 1996
Latin 40 Intermediate Prose Composition Instructor Spring 1996
Classics 28 Ancient Mythology T.A. Spring 1995
Latin 1 Elementary Latin Instructor Fall 1994

Academic Awards and Honors:

At the University of Washington, Seattle:
Getty Foundation Research Grant (Tel Dor excavations and publications) 2003-2005
Research Fellowship, Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities 2002-2003

At the University of California, Berkeley:
Women's Classical Caucus Paper Award (for Designing Women, 1998 APA) Received Spring 1999
Mellon Dissertation Fellowship Spring, Summer, Fall 1998
Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award Spring 1998
Kress Foundation Art History Seminar in Athens ("The Athenian Body Politic") Spring 1997
Mellon Fourth Year Fellowship Spring 1997
Chancellor's Humanities Fellowship Fall 1995
Lulu J. Blumberg Fellowship in Latin Fall 1993 ÷ Spring 1994

At the University of Washington, Seattle (as an undergraduate):
Phi Beta Kappa Spring 1991
Jim Greenfield Scholarship in Classics  Fall 1991-- Spring 1992
Jim Greenfiled Scholarship in Classics Spring 1991

Excavation Experience:
Co-Director (UCB / UW Team), Tel Dor Excavations  Tel Dor, Israel ongoing
Excavator, Square Supervisor: Tel Dor Excavations (Hebrew University and UC Berkeley) Tel Dor, Israel Summer 2002
Trench Director, University of California Excavations at Nemea Archaia Nemea, Greece  Summer 1997
Excavator and Numismatic Research Assistant, University of California Excavations at Nemea Archaia Nemea, Greece Summer 1996

Conference / Panel Organization:
Co-Chair, Organizer-Refereed Panel, Leisure in Practice: Text and Art At the Crossroads of Cultural Studies 2002 APA
Co-organizer, subcommittee on Literary Theory,  Feminism and the Classics III conference, held at USC 1999 -- 2000
Organizer and Co-Chair, Berkeley Heller Conference, Cui Dono. The Circulation of Text and Artifact in Roman Society 1998
Organizer and Co-Chair, Berkeley Heller Conference,  Privileging Perspectives: the Question of Comparison in Classical Studies 1997

Other Academic Service:

At the University of Washington:

Committee Work
Danz Humanities Course Committee 2002-2003
Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee (Classics) 2001-current
Modern Language Committee A 2002; W 2003
Rome Committee 2001-current
Rome Committee, Chair 2001-2002
Planning Committee and Faculty Advisor, Summer Research Institute in Arts and Humanities Summer 2002
Latin PhD Exam Committee

Thesis / Advisory / Mentoring Work
Dissertation Committee chair, Marco Zangari ("Cicero Fabricator: the Ethos of Aesthetics in the Verrine Orations") current
Dissertation Committee member, Bradley Levett ("Contradiction and Authority in Gorgias") 2001-2002
Faculty Advisor / Mentor, McNair Fellowship Summer Research Program   [Eura Gene Ryan, Knox College, 'Soranus and Roman Midwifery']  Summer 2002
Supervisor of Latin 103 TAs Sp 2001

At the University of California, Berkeley:

Founder and list manager, Hetaireia; an international electronic list and directory for graduate students in Classics and related fields, 1999
Co-organizer, GWCRF Spring Lecture series, 1999
Graduate Student Liaison, Women's Classical Caucus, 1998-2000
Graduate Representative, Task Force for Library Collections and Services in Support of Art History, the Visual Arts, and Classics, 1997
Co-Founder, GWCRF: Graduate Women in Classics and Related Fields (at the University of California, Berkeley), 1997
General Representative, Classics Graduate Students at Berkeley, 1996-1998
Graduate Student Representative, Latin Search Committee, 1995-1996

In Progress:

Book-length manuscript, A Society of Patrons: Cicero, Catullus, and the Textual Body Politic [working title]

Book-length manuscript, By Fire or By Sword: Cicero, Sallust, Appian and Dio on the Catilinarian Conspiracy [a collection of translations, with introduction and interpretive notes, under contract with Focus Publishing]

"Invaluable Collections: the Illusion of Poetic Presence in Martial's Xenia and Apophoreta."

"Nisi in bonis: the 'Republicizing' of amicitia in Cicero's Laelius."  For presentation at the 2004 meeting of the APA, San Francisco CA Jan 2004

Article, "A Triumph of the Imagination: Tristia IV.ii and Ovid's Ekphrastic Gaze"

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