Latin 465

Roman Topography and Monuments

University of Washington Rome Center, Palazzo Pio Campus
Spring Quarter 2002
S. C. Stroup

Course Description:

The 2002 Roman Topography and Monuments seminar has at its aim an introduction and analysis of the general topography, primary monuments, artistic and architectural styles, and building techniques of the ancient urbs.  Although the focus of our investigations will be the city of Rome itself, we through a series of day trips (Ostia, Etruria, Tivoli, etc.) and one overnight visit to the south (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, the Museo Nazionale in Napoli) explore the extra-urban landscape of the world of Roman antiquity.  Most of the information you will need to know will be provided in class and during our site visits (for which you should always bring relevent texts [Claridge or the Blue Guide], a notebook, and suitable writing materials), and so absolutely consistent class attendance is a sine qua non for this course.

Course Information: