Three (!) workshops in January

Sam Burden bio photo By Sam Burden

January was the month for workshops.

First, I attended the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in Portland, OR, USA with my first student, Bora Banjanin, who presented a new technique for estimating predictive models of legged locomotion from data to a standing-room-only audience!

standing-room-only! Bora at SICB 2016

Second, I presented on predictive dynamical models for legged locomotion at the 5th and final NSF RCN winter workshop on neuromechanics and dynamics of locomotion in New Orleans, LA, USA. Bora presented a poster on his SICB results:

Bora at NSF Neuromechanics RCN 2016

Third, I presented on predictive dynamical models for sensorimotor control at the UWIN Neural Computation and Engineering Connection in Seattle, WA, USA.