Puget Sound Traditional Food and Diabetes

Collaborative research between tribal members, health care workers and archaeologists






The research portion of this project is aimed at getting long term information about what people in Puget Sound were eating before major changes in economy, access to land and resources and the ecology of Puget Sound were changed by Euro-American settlement. While most people think of salmon when they think of Northwest Native American food, Native American people know that there are many more foods that were and still are eaten. The archaeological record suggests that in the more distant past, even more different foods were eaten than today. Many of these are wild foods that are difficult to obtain or locally extinct in the now urbanized Puget Sound region.


Currently, Dr. Robert Kopperl and Kristine Bovy are researching archaeological site records in Washington State to develop a baseline list of food items found in archaeological sites, a sense of biases in the currently available data, and a chronological and spatial distribution of food resources found in the region. Click here to see our data (site location information has been removed).


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