Responsible Conduct

For the past couple of years, I’ve been looking into ways to get my students to think about responsible conduct in science. I’ve been looking for short readings, but haven’t come up with much (though I’d appreciate any you may want to share in the comments!). But today, in catching up on old episodes of one of my favorite podcasts, Our Warm Regards, I heard a discussion that might just do the trick. In the episode “The Dangers of Doing Science in the Field“, regular host Jacquelyn Gill, visiting host Sarah Myhre, and guest Jane Willenbring have a wide-ranging discussion touching on field safety, sexual harassment, macho culture, and who gets to do science. All three climate scientists are women who had harrowing experiences in the field. Their first-hand stories are at the same time raw and personal as they are indications of deeper cultural problems in science and academia.

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