N. Dolšak and E. Ostrom. 2003, Eds. The Commons in the New Millennium: Challenges and Adaptation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Table of Contents:

1. The Challenges of the Commons (Nives Dolšak and Elinor Ostrom)
2. Changes in the Territorial System of the Maine Lobster Industry (James M. Acheson and Jennifer F. Brewer)
3. Transition in the American Fishing Commons: Management Problems and Institutional Design Challenges (Susan Hanna)
4. The Relationship between Resource Definition and Scale: Considering the Forest (Martha E. Geores)
5. Privitizing the Commons ... Twelve Years Later: Fishers' Experiences with New Zealand's Market Based Fisheries Management (Tracy Yandle and Christopher M. Dewees)
6. Stakeholders, Courts, and Communities: Individual Transferable Quotas in Icelandic Fisheries 1991-2001 (Einar Eythorsson)
7. Multilateral Emission Trading: Heterogeneity in Domestic and International Common-Pool Resource Management (Alexander A. Farrell and M. Granger Morgan)
8. Shaping Local Forest Tenure in National Politics (Rita Lindayati)
9. A Framework for Analyzing the Physical, Social, and Human Capital Effects of Microcredit on Common-Pool Resources (C. Leight Anderson, Laura A. Locker, and Rachel A. Nugent)
10. Using Social Capital to Create Political Capital: How Do Local Communities Gain Political Influence? (Regina Birner and Heidi Wittmer)
11. Adaptation to Challenges (Nives Dolšak, Eduardo S. Brondizio, Lars Carlsson, David W. Cash, Clark C. Gibson, Matthew J. Hoffmann, Anna Knox, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Elinor Ostrom)