Introducing Dr. Sima Bouzid!

Sima successfully defended her dissertation today. We are all really impressed with Sima’s dissertation research. She completed one of the most risky and ambitious dissertation projects that we’ve seen. Congratulations!

Diversification and Local Adaptation in Western Fence Lizards (Sceloporus occidentals)

Sima’s dissertation committee. We had to cut and paste a virtual Joe Felsenstein from another image.

Dr. Ofori-Boateng wins a Whitley award

Our friend and collaborator in Ghana, Dr. Caleb Ofori-Boateng, has won a Whitley Award for his conservation work on the critically endangered Togo slippery frog (Conraua derooi).

The Whitley Award, also called the “Green Oscars”, is a prestigious international prize presented to individuals in recognition of their achievements in nature conservation. Congratulations, Caleb!

2019 Computational Molecular Evolution Workshop, Hinxton UK

The 2019 Computational Molecular Evolution Workshop was a big success this year. We met at the beautiful Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK from 13 – 24 May. The workshop aims to provide researchers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to carry out molecular evolutionary analyses. We cover a wide range of topics including divergence dating, protein evolution, coalescent analysis, species tree inference, alignment, and plenty of Bayesian statistics.

Oklahoma trip

On a recent trip to Oklahoma, we got lucky and found some really cool reptiles and amphibians. Some were in the field, others were in Dr. Ron Bonett’s lab at the University of Tulsa.

SNPs in population- & phylo-genomics

In December 2018, I was invited to teach at a workshop in Canberra, Australia on bioinformatics, population genomics and phylogenetics with SNP data. There was a really terrific group of instructors and students.

Have you got large SNP datasets and now are wondering how best to filter the data, to infer population diversity or structure, adaptation, or to delimit species and estimate their relationships? Do you have a bioinformatics or analytical pipeline that you would like to see used by empiricists?

A group of grads and postdocs from the University of Canberra was kind enough to let me tag along on their road trip up to Queensland for the annual Australian Society of Herpetologists annual meeting. We found lots of amazing reptiles and amphibians along the way.