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Welcome to Wooyoung Kim's

Research Group

We, as computer scientists, are interested in bioinformatics, systems biology, and computational biology. Bioinformatics uses mathematics, statistics, computer, and engineering to develop algorithms and software programs to understand and analyze biological data.

Managing the various types of complex biological data is an immense challenge and a great research opportunity. Therefore, my main research area is pattern recognition in bioinformatics, especially, biological motif analysis.

Biological motifs are defined as overly repeated patterns, presumed to have important bilogical significance. If they are found in DNA, RNA or protein sequences, they are called sequence motifs. If found in networks, they are called network motifs. Motifs have been used to solve various real-world problems in biology, and medical field. Currently we are focused on network motif analysis that are defined in the Systems Biology. Details about the research on network motifs can be found in the Research page.

Also, as bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary research, we are collaborating with a biologist and medical practioners as well. We are working on detecting evolutionary process in genome sequencing data, and visualizing data analysis for immunotherapy research. If you are interested in those projects, please visit the Research page.

Bioinformatics research group

We consist of graduate and undergraduate students, actively involved a number of projects. If you are interested in please contact me for available positions.



Wooyoung Kim, Ph.D.,

Email: kimw6[at]uw.edu


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