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Working Papers

Recently Published Papers

  • Best Paper of the Year! "Firm Failure and Financial Crisis: The Experience of South Korea"  in the Journal of Korean Economy in 2000.

  • "International Joint Ventures, Moral Hazards, and Technology Spillovers,” (with Wing-Fai Leung), forthcoming in a volume in honor of Murray C. Kemp

  • "Direct Investment Liberalization, Commodity Trade, and Income Distribution: What Can the WTO Do?” Pacific Economic Review.

  • "Optimal Income Transfers and Tariffs,” (with Sajal Lahiri, Pascalis Raimondos-Moller and Alan Woodland), Journal of Development Economics, February 2002: 79 – 99.

  • "External Economies of Scale and Theory of International Trade," Tamkang University Monograph, 2001, consisting of the following papers:

  • "Externality in the Theory of International Trade: Some Basic Concepts"

  • "Fundamental Trade Theorems under External Economies of Scale"

  • "External Economies of Scale and International Trade: Further Analysis"

  • "International Trade and Factor Mobility under External Economies of Scale"

  • "Housing Market Bubbles and Currency Crisis: the case of Thailand” Japanese Economic Review, 2001, 52 (4).

  • "Economic Growth and International Trade: The Case of Hong Kong,” (with Win Lin Chou), Pacific Economic Review, October 2001, 6 (3): 313 – 329.

  • "Ad Valorem and Specific Tariffs with Competitive Industries Are Not Equivalent in a Trade War” (with Ben Lockwood), Journal of International Economics, 2000, 52: 183-195.

  • "Growth of Hong Kong Before and After Its Reversion to China: The China Factor,” (with Yun-Wing Sung), Pacific Economic Review, June 2000, 5 (2): 201 – 228.

Guest-edited Issues

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