An International Conference
The Asian Crisis, II

Symposium on the Asian Crisis
Japanese Economic Review,
December 2001

List of Papers
  • Kar-yiu Wong, "Introduction"

  • Henry Wan and Wing-Keung Wong, "Contagion or Inductance?  Crisis 1997 Reconsidered"

  • Kar-yiu Wong, "Housing Market Bubbles and Currency Crisis: the Case of Thailand"

  • E. Kwan Choi, "Neighbor-Immiserizing Growth: the Asian Crisis"

  • Joshua Aizenman, "Real Exchange Rate Overshooting and Capital Control in a Crisis"

  • Koichi Hamada and Yosuke Takeda, "The Choice between the Flexible Exchange Rate, Capital Control and the Currency Board in Asian Countries: A Perspective from the 'Impossible Trinity'"

  • Choong Yong Ahn, "Corporate and Financial Restructuring in South Korea: Accomplishments and Continuing Challenges" 

  • William J. McKibbin, Zhi Wang and William Coyle, "The Asia Financial Crisis and Global Adjustment: Implications for U. S. Agriculture"

  • Yongzheng Yang and Rod Tyers, "The Asian Crisis and Economic Change in China"

If you are interested in getting a copy of the introduction, please click here. If you want to have a copy of "Housing Market Bubbles and Currency Crisis: the Case of Thailand", please send me an e-mail with your name and mailing address. For other papers, please check out the issue of Japanese Economic Review (December 2001) from your school library or contact the author(s) directly.

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