The University of Tokyo

Research Center for International Economics

and the Asia-Pacific Economic Association

are jointly organizing

Two International Conferences

"China and the World Economy"

"The Global Economy"

March 15 and 16, 2013

University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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Economists are invited to submit papers for presentation consideration in the above two conferences, which are sequals to two previous conferences on the same themes held in Seattle in March 16-18, 2012. Papers presented will be revised after the conferences and considered for publication in two journals: China Economic Policy Review and Global Journal of Economics.

1. China and the World Economy

Date: Friday, March 15, 2013.

Some possible topics (not limited to):

        labor market and issues in China

        monetary and fiscal policies

        financial markets and issues in China

        foreign trade and issues

        foreign direct investment, inward and outward

        economic growth and development

        environment and economics

        industrial structure and development

        international issues and issues of other economies related to China

        technology and economics

        comparative economic systems and socialism

2. Global Economy

  Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013.

Some possible topics (not limited to):

        international economics: theory and empirical studies

        trade policies; monetary and fiscal policies

        cross-country comparison and studies

        international economic organizations

        international environment and economics

        foreign direct investment (inward or outward)

        international labor migration

        international technology transfer and intellectual property rights

        global economic issues

        cross-country externality

        international economic disputes and settlement

Papers presented in the conferences will be considered for publication in two new journals, China Economic Policy Review and Global Journal of Economics, respectively.

Participants are welcome to attend both conferences.

Fpr submission, please send an extended abstract or a draft of the paper for presentation consideration to Shin-ichi Fukuda at <> by January 15, 2013. Please indicate which conference the submitted paper is for and please include information (e-mail addresses and affiliations) of all co-authors.

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