International Trade in Goods and Factor Mobility
Kar-yiu Wong.

Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1995. Pp. xiv, 699. ISBN 0–262–23179–4. Second printing, 1997.

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and trade


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Translators: Masao Oda, Kansai University
Koji Shimomura, Kobe University
Hiroshi Ohta, Kobe University
Masayuki Okawa, Ritsumeikan University
Publisher: Taga Shuppan
2F Yamada Line Bidg
3-2-12 Iidahashi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan.
81-3-3262-9996 (phone); 81-3-3262-9980 (fax)
Date of Publish: 1999 (Vol. I - Chapters 1 - 7; Vol. II - Chapters 8 - 14)

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