International Trade in Goods and Factor Mobility
Kar-yiu Wong.

Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1995. Pp. xiv, 699. ISBN 0–262–23179–4. Second printing, 1997.

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International trade in goods and factor mobility
By KAR-YIU WONG. Cambridge and London: MIT Press, 1995. Pp. xiv, 699. $60.00. ISBN 0–262–23179–4. JEL 96–0535

"International Trade in Goods and Factor Mobility, by leading trade theorist Kar-yiu Wong, takes on the task of reinterpreting trade theory in light of the tremendous advances of the past 12 to 15 years. The author is well suited to the task because many of the advances are the result of his own labor. Even where Wong presents and recasts the work of others, his contributions in the form of synthesis, interpretation, and extension are valuable."

"Throughout, a virtue of the book is its comprehensive coverage and references. This is an impressive book by one of the profession’s best practitioners that pushes forward a number of important topics. It will be one of the most useful books in the trade practitioner’s and theorist’s library."

University of Illinois

published in Journal of Economic Literature, March 1997, pp. 144-145.

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