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... Hiking, climbing, and skiing in Washington's Cascade Mountains

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This picture was taken on the way up Glacier Peak. I like the feeling it evokes of soaring above the clouds – just like you are climbing.



This is near the top of Pole Ridge on skinny skis - see Trail #10 at my page on Adventure Skate Skiing. Adventure Skate Skiing is crazy good skiing.

The Wall Street Journal ran this story about Adventure Skate Skiing. Moose are involved.


Strava and social media provide enough information about places to go outside, so I stopped posting new stories about outdoor places. But here are some older trip reports. I post as "Roald".

• Some favorites:

The Winds Play Stormy Weather, Sept 17-19, 2013 – the Baddest Storm. Ever.

Jasper, Alberta to Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC, Sept 3-7, 2012 – "I hate Canada."

Tupshin, Devore, and Flora Mountains , August 4-7, 2011 – "Hey, it's Stehekin!"

Mt. Goode (NE Buttress) and Storm King Mountain – Nettles and bonehead decisions. And a runaway boot and cowboy walking.

Meander Meadow and Cady Ridge trail run, June 19, 2016 - "Don't go there!"

Heat exhaustion on Luahna - a bushwhacking allegory

Pasayten rambling - the "A" Team gets Lost

Sherpa and Argonaut Peaks - it's about the gear

Copper and Fernow Mountains - a story of ice cream

The best trip ever: UW Medical Center

• Mostly pics (too lazy to write up a story):

Pasayten rambling, Ptarmigan and Dot Mountains, Aug 20-23, 2016 - no trip report here, just some unedited pics of a loop trek with Alex, Tesha, and Evan - two of which are my kids. Dot Lake is beautiful.

"Hard" Mox and Redoubt, July 2016 - again, no trip report, just some unedited pics of my first foray into the Chilliwack headwaters, with Eric and Crispin

Ptarmigan Traverse on skis, July 9-12, 2011 – Crikey indeed.

– Ptarmigan Traverse trip report by climbing partner Eric

– My trip report of the Ptarmigan Traverse

Bonanza Peak, July 13, 2012 (pics taken by Eric, but no trip report)

• Other trip reports

Mount Formidable, Sept 15-16, 2016 - the Ptarmigan Traverse in late season colors (written up and posted by climbing partner Nick, with my pics added to the post)

Jack Mountain attempt (and fail) from the Nohokomeen Glacier (written up by climbing partner Eric, aka "Cartman")

Ski to Trinity - both metaphor and 44 miles

Second annual ski to Trinity - distance inflation: maybe it's 46 miles, not 44!

Larch Lake autumn run - cool running, and biking

Earl Peak ski - posted by skiing partner Randy (I am the one carrying the orange shovel)

Mt Dickerman snowshoe - posted by hiking partner Mark, with his cool video

• Trip reports from my "50 at 50" climbing project several years ago, in which I aimed to climb 27 of Washington's Top 100 mountains in one summer:

Snowfield Peak – a snowy start

Six Top 100 Peaks (plus Dumbell and Greenwood) in two days

Big Craggy and West Craggy – daughters and tattoos

Gardner and North Gardner Mountains – a blitz into a corner of the Cascades

Golden Horn and Tower Mountain – my partner expired

Cardinal/Emerald bike/hike – "Where's the bike?..."

Pasayten Peakbagging – trash talking all the way

The last in my "50 at 50" project: Raven Ridge and Hoodoo Peak - Finished!!!

Other stuff:

Climbs, hikes, and mountain bike rides Older pictures of some outings in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington state.

Stories of gonzo (well, sort of) mountaineering.

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