Current Ph.D. Students

Graduated Ph.D. Students

  • Eun Kyoung Choe – Information Science (co-advised with Wanda Pratt) – now an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland
  • Kyle Rector – Computer Science & Engineering (co-advised with Richard Ladner) – now an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa
  • Matthew Kay – Computer Science & Engineering (co-advised with Shwetak Patel) – now an Assistant Professor at the Northwestern University
  • Jared Bauer – Information Science – now an User Experience Researcher at Microsoft and Part-Time Lecturer at the University of Washington
  • Alexis Hiniker – Human Centered Design & Engineering – now an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington
  • Kiley Sobel – Human Centered Design & Engineering – now a Research Scientist at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop
  • Sean Mikles – Biomedical & Health Informatics (co-advised with Anne Turner), now a Postdoc at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Hyewon Suh – Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Ruth Ravichandran – Electrical Engineering (co-advised with Shwetak Patel), now at Amazon
  • Arpita Bhattacharya – Human Centered Design & Engineering (co-advised with Sean Munson), now a Postdoc at UC Irvine
  • Dawn Sakaguchi-Tang – Human Centered Design & Engineering, now at Facebook

Former Postdocs

  • Elizabeth Bales – Postdoctoral Research Associate (co-advised with James Fogarty) – Software Engineer at Google
  • Laura Pina – Postdoctoral Research Associate (co-advised with James Fogarty) – UX Researcher at Google

Prospective Ph.D. Students

I work with students of all levels on a variety of research projects. Because much of my research is in the design of new computing applications, students with design and prototyping skills or a desire to learn are especially encouraged. I have more students interested in working with my lab than I can accommodate, so I currently work only with students who have already been admitted to UW. Please note that if you are not yet a student at UW, please apply to HCDE, the iSchool, or CSE directly.

For the Fall 2022 Ph.D. admissions cycle, I plan to accept one new PhD student interested in co-designing health technologies with children and families. You might also consider reaching out to some of my many amazing colleagues at UW who also do great work in the health, technology, accessibility, and kids space, such as Sean Munson, Gary Hsieh, Beth Kolko, Jen Mankoff, Leah Findlater, Jon Froehlich, Alexis Hiniker, Katie Davis, Wanda Pratt, James Fogarty, Jason Yip, or Mark Haselkorn.

Prospective Undergraduate and M.S. Students

If you are a current undergraduate or M.S. student at UW interested in getting involved with my research or the CHiLL lab, the best way to start is by applying for currently offered Directed Research Groups (DRG) on various topics offered each quarter, which is HCDE 496/596. We can discuss possibilities of independent studies or other opportunities after the successful completion of research within one of those groups.

If you are an undergraduate not at UW, you might consider applying to the CRA’s DREU program or the DUB REU program.