A Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist,
Specializing in Animal Behavior and Statistics

My current academic interests revolve around applied animal behavior: dogs, cats, and non-human primates, and welfare, enrichment, and behavior modification methods. This work overlaps with my primary research interests which have, for many years, focused on complex social behavior in highly cognitive animals (primates, corvids, and cetaceans). This research, and my applied interests, have brought me to a new level of understanding of the importance of temperament in social behavior, whether in primates, corvids, killer whales, or dogs and cats.

Research Interests and Consulting

Primate development, behavior, and reproduction

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Behavioral ecology and foraging behavior of corvids

Other Research: Applied, Zoo, Biostatistical Consulting

Behaviorial Research Private Consulting

In-home Behavior Consulting for Companion Animals

Behavior Data Collection Software and App

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  • Psych 290, 291, and 292
  • Psychology 315 : Elementary
    Psychological Statistics
  • Psychology 200 : Comparative
    Animal Behavior
  • Psychology 330 : Laboratory in
    Animal Behavior


  • Psych 499 : Undergraduate
    Research Opportunity


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Email: jcha@u.washington.edu
Phone: 206-543-7494 (o), 425-210-1227 (c)
U.S. Mail: Psychology Department, Univ. Washington, Box 351525, Seattle WA 98195
Office: Rm. 309 Guthrie Hall