What's New Archive, 2003

December, 2003
Report on an Automated Bus Rapid Transit Demonstration, held in San Diego, August, 2003

A Hypothetical Evolution of an Automated Highway System
Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies, U of Southern California, Los Angeles

Automated Highway Systems book, full table of contents now available on-line

Intelligent Grouping Transportation (IGT) - a dial-a-ride concept being developed in the U.K.

Metrail monorail being developed for Penang, Malaysia application

New dualmode concept, called PRISM, being developed at the Ford Research Laboratory

November, 2003

Features of Moscow and specific requirements for PRT System, by Sergey Prokhorenko

Recommended PRT network for Harlow, U.K.

Precise Control of Individual Vehicles, by J. Batelaan

Several new animations and other features now available at the Danish RUF website

October, 2003

First International Conference on Modern Monorail Technology, Austin, Texas, Spring, 2004

New photos of Tobu Maglev line in Japan, currently under construction

Comments on the Automatic Vehicle Control Document by William Turnbull, located at: www.poly-soft.com/irts, by Sergey Prokhorenko

Designing PRT Networks, by J.Schneider and Jun Ma (abstract only)

A Modest Transportation Policy Proposal, by Richard Arthur

India's first electric car now available from Reva Electric Car Company in Bangalore

Automated Control of the Raytheon Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT 2000)

September, 2003

Control Software for PRT/Dualmode Systems is a Critical Need, by William Turnbull

Four illustrations of simple PRT intersection designs

August, 2003 

Skyweb Express story from Minnesota Public Radio

Comparison of Costs between Bus, PRT, LRT and Metro/rail, by
Göran Tegnér of Sweden

Link to Las Vegas monorail website - system expected to open early 2004

PERC Network for the Central Boston, Massachusetts, area (PERC = Personal Capsule)

Link to a German website that describes the TubeWay concept (English version also available)

Some Reasons Why Moscow is a Premier Market for PRT Applications, by Sergey Prokhorenko

POSTECH PRT R&D Project at Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea, Phase II has been completed

Converting a Dualmode Bus into a Dualmode Cargo Vehicle

Link to a new website formulated by the Sound PRT group located in the Seattle/Puget Sound region of Washington State

July, 2003

Link to a new website for the Robocab concept, being developed in Baltimore, MD.

Link to new website for the Regional Monorail group in the Seattle region

June, 2003

Two bidders for the Seattle Monorail project post websites - Teammonorail and Cascadiamonorail

Link to an article entitled "Capital Costs and Ridership Estimates of PRT", by Supin Yoder et al

Link to website for the French Air Car which is making good progress toward being ready for production

Link to a new website for the Automated Transport Network PRT/dualmode system  being developed in New Zealand.

Link to website for Citizens for PRT in Tucson, Arizona

May, 2003

New PRT simulation model from Canada

New website - Milwaukee Monorail - suggests using SIPEM suspended monorail from Germany (currently in operation at Dormund University and Dusseldorf International Airport)

April, 2003

Link to website that describes H-Bahn system at Dortmund University and new Sky-Train link at Dusseldorf International Airport, in Germany, in German. Includes videos and still photos

New PRT system architecture diagram from the U.K. that shows how both public and private vehicles could be accommodated on a PRT network  

Elevated peoplemover link of 8,000 feet nearly ready to open in Indianapolis, IN

Link to a paper that describes and illustrates some results from passenger trials on the ULTra PRT system in Wales

Taxi 2000 opens demonstration of prototype Skyweb Express system to the public at their facility in Fridley, Minnesota (near Minneapolis)

Urbanaut® monorail webpages updated extensively

March, 2003

Link to the Sky Bus website in India, features a suspended monorail concept

New webpages for the Capsi concept, PRT approach that uses small vehicles in a tube, from South Africa

New website for BT dualmode/GRT system from Korea (in English) Features outstanding animations

New Skytaxi  website by Sergey Prokhorenko of Moscow, now living in Sydney. Parts in English, many illustrations of switching concepts for a rail vehicle, interesting guideway design

Map of proposed PRT network for the downtown of Providence, Rhode Island, prepared by the Raytheon Company in 1999 as part of their advanced marketing work for the PRT 2000 project.

February, 2003

Link to new dualmode concept that uses pallets - from the Netherlands (in Dutch, English version forthcoming, excellent animations provided now to explain it)

Advanced Transit Association's PRT report now available on-line

Reallocation of Empty PRT Vehicles en Route, by Ingmar Andrčasson of Sweden

An Advanced Car-Sharing Concept That Could Assist a Phased PRT Areawide Deployment Project, a PRT Debate contribution by Daniel Luke

Multiple-Path Clear-Path Operational Control, a Dualmode Debate contribution by Kim Goltermann

Link to paper entitled "Small-Suburb PRT Ballot Initiatives, by Steve Raney, 10 pp., 56k pdf file, presented at the meetings of the Transportation Research Board, January, 2003, in Washington, D.C.

Link to paper entitled "A New Approach to Effective and Sustainable Urban Transport", by Martin Lowson, 14 pp, 1,250k pdf file, presented at the meetings of the Transportation Research Board in January, 2003, Washington, D.C.

Link to Blade Runner dualmode system, being developed in the U.K.

New contribution to the Dualmode Debate page, from Carl Henderson of the U.K. - describing a 4-stage evolutionary deployment plan for the Blade Runner system

January, 2003

Link to German maglev webpage - content mostly in German but summary in English and includes many pictures from Germany, China and Japan

Link to a new PRT Debate page contribution from Canada

Link to a new webpage for the TriTrack dualmode system concept

Link to new paper from Magnemotion on their Urban Maglev project, 39 pages, May, 2004

Link to a new website for the Parry People Mover, a flywheel powered tram with no overhead wires, from the U.K.

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