Monorail Vendors around the World

Only those technologies that use a relatively narrow "monobeam" for support or suspension have been included.

New (2016) book on monorails, with illustrations of applications around the world, now available

Size (Carrying Capacity)

Straddle-beam or Supported Vehicle

Suspended Vehicle

Combination (Supported and Suspended)

Large (mass transit)

Aerotrain (history site)

Alweg (history site)

Bombardier (Global)

FasTran (Texas)

Hitachi (Japan, Global)

Urbanaut (USA)

Scomi Monorail (Malaysia)

Metrail (U.K.)

Emonorail (US)

Tubular Rail (USA)

Aerobus (USA)

Dragonfly MonoMetro (U.K.) (see new Waterloo Bridge animation)

Flyway (Sweden)

Hytran (USA)

SkyBus (India)

Sky Tram (USA)

SkyTrolley (Canada) (video available)

Wuppertal (Germany)

Flyda (U.K.)

SkyCabs (New Zealand)

Project 21(USA)


Bombardier (Global)

Urbanaut (USA)

Hitachi (Japan, Global)

Intamin (Switzerland)

MegaRail (USA)

Metrail (U.K.)

POMA 2000 (Global)

Whoosh (U.K)

Flyway (Sweden)

H-Bahn or SIPEM (Germany)

POMA Group (Global)


Cabintaxi (Germany, USA)


MicroRail (USA)

Skyweb Express (U.S.)

Skycar (So. Korea)*

Hitachi (Global, Japan)

Sportaxi (Norway)*

RUF (Denmark)

Intamin (Switzerland)

Severn-Lamb (U.K.)

Urbanaut (USA)



Flyway (Sweden)

Integrated Transportation System (USA)


Cabintaxi (Germany, USA)

Personal Scale

NanoRail (USA)

Shweeb (New Zealand, U.K.)

Flyway (Sweden)

Higherway (USA)

Monomobile (USA)

SkyTran (USA)

MISTER (Poland)

JPods (USA)

Cabintaxi (Germany, USA)


* Skyweb Express, Skycar and Sportaxi are not straddle-beam monorails but are included since they use a very narrow beamway. Monorail history buffs may find the Alweg history site to be of interest.

The Monorail Society  maintains an excellent monorail  website but it  uses a more restrictive definition of "monorail" than is used here. The International Monorail Association has an extensive newsletter and organizes periodic conferences around the world.  See the Call for Papers for the 9th annual conference, September 8-9, Beijing, China

See the monorail now in operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (opened August, 2003). A monorail interest group has been formed in Austin, Texas. Those interested in monorail activity in Colorado should visit the CIFGA website. An assessment of several monorail technologies was conducted by Montgomery County, MD, in 2001 and the final report is available on-line.

On November 8, 2005 Seattle voters rejected the Seattle Monorail Project as proposed by the Elevated Transportation Company and that project was been terminated.

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