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This PRT Debate page provides commentary, arguments and opinions that relate to the basic feasibility and likely utility of the concept of Personal Rapid Transit in various urban applications. It was initiated in 1996 and has been on-going since that time.

Subsequently, others have joined in this debate and their contributions have been added to this page.  Your contributions, arguments and opinions are welcome - please join in. Send them to jbsATpeakDOTorg if you would like to have them considered for posting on this page. Your name and the date of your contribution will be included.

Contents (in chronological order):

How to reduce contestion with PRT, be Ed Anderson,.6-2-17

Implementing PRT: Client's Requirements that a Supplier Must Meet, by Jeff Davis, 8/6/2012

What financial resources are required to obtain a PRT project contract, by Jeff  Davis, 8/3/2012

Some paths to US implementation of personal rapid transit, by Peter Muller, 6/29/2012

Certification of PRT and other public transit systems - commentary and guidelines by three experienced people, 6/12/2012

Mixed-mode PRT and GRT: Some Reasons Why It Should Be Considered, by Nathan Koren, 2/5/2012

Link to a new General Transport System Foundation brochure, located in Sweden. It calls for the development of system that uses both PRT and dualmode capabilities for both freight and passengers, 9/2010

Link to a description of a deployment roadmap (strategy) for Robocars, by Brad Templeton, 5/11/2010

Link to a blog entry: Robocars vs. PRT, by Brad Templeton, 4/18/2010

Link to a paper entitled "Development and Evaluation of Traffic Management Strategies for PRT", by Pengjun Zheng, David Jeffery and Mike McDonald, 2/3/2010

Link to a paper entitled "Improving Transportation Requires New Solution, by Peter Muller, 1/2010

Notes on the content of a PRT Symposium in Rochester, Minnesota, 11/2009

Introducing PRT to the Sustainable City, by Robbert Lohmann and Luca Guala, 6/2009

Brick Wall Stops and PRT, by Richard Gronning, 6/2009

Extending PRT Capabilities (more speed and capacity), by Ingmar Andreasson, 6/2009

Blog focused on the development of an Open Specification for designing PRT systems, by Dan Verhoeve, (5/09)

PRT Activism: Strategies and Attitudes Towards Conventional Transit, by Nathan Koren, (5/08)

An Interface Standard for a General Transport System, by Bengt Gustaffson (12/07)

Fitting PRT into an Existing Multimodal Environment, by Richard Gronning, (12/07)

The Development of the Containerization Industry as a Close Analogy for PRT Advocates, by Nathan Koren (6/07)

Recent Q&A Session with J. Edward Anderson regarding Personal Rapid Transit, by J.E. Anderson (3/23/07

Envisioning a Desirable Personal Transport System for the Future, by larens imanyuel (7/11/06)

Trade-offs to consider when designing a transit system, by J. Edward Anderson, (11/10/05)

Why we need a new mode of surface transportation, by Hengning Wu, (11/21/04)

What are the real options for reducing 'Car Dependence'?, by Ray Brindle, (9/15/04)

Some Suggested Attributes of a High Potential Personal Rapid Transit Project, by J.B. Schneider (5/12/04)

Advocacy Lessons Learned for Getting the FIRST PRT System Built, by Steve Raney, (5/11/04)

The Dualmode Transportation Revolution, by Francis D. Reynolds, (4/26/04)

PRT critique by LightRailNow and four responses from PRT advocates, (4/15/04)

Response from J.E. Anderson to a critique of PRT by light rail advocates, by J.E. Anderson, (3/30/04)

Meeting the Challenge of Serving Large Complex Systems with Group Rapid Transit, by Richard Arthur, (2/17/04)

Features of Moscow and specific requirements to PRT system, by Sergey Prokhorenko, (11/16/03)

Comments on the Automatic Vehicle Control Document, by William Turnbull, located at, by Sergey Prokhorenko (10/15/03)

A Modest Transportation Policy Proposal, by Richard Arthur, (10/11/03)

Control Software for PRT/Dualmode Systems is a Critical Need, by William Turnbull, (9/28/03)

Some Reasons Why Moscow is a Premier Market for PRT Applications, by Sergey Prokhorenko, (8/10/03)

An Advanced Car-Sharing Concept That Could Assist a Phased PRT Areawide Deployment Project, by Daniel Luke, (2/13/03)

A Question on the Neglect of the Private Property Concept in Single Mode PRT System, by Alain Vaillancourt, (1/29/03)

Personal Rapid Transit versus Dual Mode Transportation, by Francis D. Reynolds, 6/21/02

DEBATE, DEBATE and No Quadmode PRT Systems, by Gary Webber, 9/24/01

Automated Transport: Where to Start?, Where to End? PRT, "True" Dualmode, Palletized Dualmode, Maglev or What? Can We Get Together On Standards and Present a United Front?, by Van Metre Lund, 10/16/00

Abstract: Autran systems initially built for carrying autos on pallets can help solve immediate and serious problems with use of automobiles, could be compatible with PRT systems and could also be compatible with "true" dualmode systems although such systems appear to have serious problems particularly with respect to costs. The modular construction of Autran systems could facilitate development of standards and help lead to nationwide automated transportation system for carrying passengers in passenger cabins, autos on pallets and freight containers.

Warren's View of PRT Attributes is Too Limited, by Dennis Manning, 9/27/00

Issues of Density: A Role for Traffic Restraints and APMs in Curbing Urban Sprawl, by Roxanne Warren, 9/19/00 (response to Anderson's rejoiner piece of January, 2000)

Transportation Policy in Disarray, by J.A. Kieffer, July, 2000

Rejoiner by J.E. Anderson to Warren's Response of December, 1999 written in January, 2000

Critique by J.E. Anderson of a paper entitled PRT Déjà Vu, written by M.A. Sulkin, January, 2000

Response to Comments by J. Edward Anderson, by Roxanne Warren, December, 1999

Comments on Roxanne Warren's The Urban Oasis, by J.Edward Anderson, November, 1999

Response to Arguments in Opposition to PRT , by J.Edward Anderson, August, 1999

Solving the Urban Transport Problem with an Automated Guided Vehicle , by Jack Cawkwell, August, 1999

Assessing the Capacity of a PRT System , by J.B. Schneider, November, 1998

PRT and Urban Development , by J. Edward Anderson, October, 1998

Potential Role of PRT , Panel Report, Office of Technology Assessment, June, 1975

The Capacity of a PRT System , by J. Edward Anderson, 13 May '97

It is the Wrong Debate - the Wrong Issues , by Jon Bogle

Why, After Decades, Hasn't PRT Been Widely Accepted , by J. Edward Anderson

Let's Agree to Head Toward a Dual-Mode Solution , by Joe Palen

Adding a Dual-Mode Viewpoint to the PRT Debate , by Palle R. Jensen

Use the Appropriate Transportation Mode , by Martin J. Bernard III

Response to Vuchic's Criticism of PRT , by Dennis Manning

Does PRT Have a Pulse (or Surge) Problem?: Various authors

A Second Response to Vuchic's Comments on PRT, by J. Edward Anderson

PRT: A Response to Professor Vukan Vuchic , by J. Edward Anderson

Personal Rapid Transit: An Unrealistic System , by Vukan R. Vuchic

Personal Rapid Transit Works in Simulation Only , by Vukan R. Vuchic

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