A Zapotec Natural History

Part 2: Data, Commentary, and Images in Digital Format

Eugene S. Hunn

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

Copyright by Eugene S. Hunn, 3 June 2008.

All rights reserved.

The text, images, and sound clips included on this CD complement the print text of A Zapotec Natural History: Trees, Herbs, and Flowers, Birds, Beasts, and Bugs in the Life of San Juan Gbëë published by The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 2008.


  1. Preface to the CD
  2. Illustrations and Tables from Part 1:
  3. Background Textual Material
    1. A Catalog of Woody Vegetation
    2. San Juan Gbëë; ethnobotanical classification in light of Berlin´s universal principles
    3. A study of San Juan household gardens, by Lisa Schneider
  4. The Ethnoflora
  5. The Ethnofauna
  6. San Juan Gbëë Fungi
  7. Plant Species index
  8. English/Latin name index
  9. Spanish/Latin name index
  10. Zapotec/Latin name index
  11. Index of Images
  12. Index of Sounds