Several of my software applications for teaching evolution have served as prototypes for exercises included in the evolution suite from SimBio’s products are commercial, but the cost per student is reasonable. And they are worth paying for: The labs have improved functionality, a consistent user interface, and accompanying tutorials that have been extensively tested. A fully-functional evaluation package, including all of SimBio’s products, is available on request.

I am no longer developing or supporting the applications that have become part of Simbio’s evolution suite. They are still available here, however, for those who want to use them.


Model evolution at a single locus in an ideal population. Web, 64-bit MacOS, and Windows versions.


Investigate the genetics and evolution of a quantitative character.


Explore the mechanism of evolution.


Explore the logic of phylogeny reconstruction.


Explore the logic of phylogeny reconstruction.


Design experiments that will establish the cause of deformities in a model frog population.


Explore what happens when species are independently designed versus evolved by descent with modification.


Explore the power of combining Mendelian genetics with Darwinian selection.