Agent Activities

Mavric ,our Mobile, Autonomous Vehicle for Research in Intelligent Control.
Cyberbot, our Web Search Agent.
Adaptrode, The adaptive element in our neural processing.
Foraging Search, How our agents find things and avoid being destroyed.
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       At least one aspect of intelligence is the capacity for an agent to change its behavior in response to changes in the environment in order to carry on some given mission. Adaptive behavior is the hallmark of intelligence in nature. 

        Animals, in their natural environment, are faced with a dynamic, uncertain world.  It is one that is characterized by changes in the relationships between objects, not just the motion of objects. Such relationships may change over long or short time intervals (multiple time scales). In general, the world is nonstationary, meaning that it is impossible, even in principle, to predict the kinds of changes that will affect the future success of an agent.

     The Adaptive Agents Laboratory is devoted to the study of intelligent behavior in nonstationary environments. The objective is to emulate the abilities of simple animals to adapt to changes in order to better understand the problems associated with succeeding in the face of an uncertain world. This approach is based on the notion of biomimetics - the attempt to mimic biological function in machines. We are interested in the degree to which it is necessary to emulate biological form in order to obtain biomimic function.

     Please feel welcome to visit our site and see what we have been doing along these lines.