Instructor Materials for Chapter on Procedures in Bridgeford Collection

This web page contains links to instructor materials that can be used with the chapter "Designing and Writing Procedures" in Teaching Professional and Technical Communication: A Practicum in a Book, edited by Tracy Bridgeford, University of Utah Press, 2018.

Reading Assignment

Instructors can assign this brief (9-page) introduction to procedure writing for their initial class on procedures. This introduction contains the key ideas about procedures found in the chapter but, of course, does not include any of the pedagogical content intended for instructors. If students read this introduction, they will be well prepared for the course unit on procedures It is available as a docx file and a pdf file.

Class slides

Below are two PowerPoint slide decks that closely parallel the book chapter and can by used effectively by an instructor during a class on proceduress. One deck is brief and the other is longer (and includes slide notes.

Below is a lengthy set of slides from a conference presentation. This slide deck does not closely parallel the book chapter, but it can provide good background on writing procedures.

You are welcome to draw upon these slide decks in any way in your own instruction.

Lego Exercise

This graphic shows the Lego© object that is created by following the procedure in the chapter's Lego brick exercise