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My teaching focuses on entrepreneurship education. I present students with ambiguous and open-ended problems that typify new business development, and I emphasize the importance of solutions based on in-depth research and rigorous data collection and analysis. My teaching was recognized with the  Dean’s/Wells Fargo Award for Undergraduate Teaching.   I also received the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award, and was only the 11th faculty member from the Foster School to have been so honored since 1971.

I have designed and taught five distinct courses at the University of Washington:

ENTRE 590: Innovation and Organizations

This doctoral seminar focuses on technological innovation from organizational theory, sociological and economic perspectives

ENTRE 581: The Sociological Foundations of Entrepreneurship

This doctoral seminar explores entrepreneurship research that draws on sociological perspectives and insights

Entre 510: Entrepreneurial Strategy

This MBA elective course draws on the tools of competitive strategy to analyze success and failure in entrepreneurial ventures and to identify general strategic principles that increase the likelihood that a given venture will succeed.

Entre 372/Honors 231:  Grand Challenges for Entrepreneurs

This course uses the lens of entrepreneurship to develop solutions to global challenges including education, healthcare, climate change  and poverty.

ENTRE 370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This undergraduate course explores the tools, concepts and frameworks relevant to the entrepreneurial process. It uses case studies, lectures, workshops, and projects on new venture creation.