Dan T.A. Eisenberg
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Washington
Campus Box 353100
Seattle, WA 98195


  • PhD Northwestern University 2012
  • BS, Binghamton University 2005, Highest Honors in Anthropology, Biology Minor and Evolutionary Studies Certificate.



    Peer Reviewed Publications


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    Evaluating force of selection against human cancers

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    Principal component 1 (representing population structure) has a strong association
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    [An extended version of this review is available here; Book is available as a PDF for free from the publishers]

    Number of Inhabitants per Doctor

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    Post-doc advisor:
    Rej, Peter (PhD 2017, University of Florida). Anthropology, University of Washington. 2017-
    Klegarth, Amy (PhD 2015, Notre Dame). Anthropology, University of Washington. (Co-sponsored with Lisa Jones-Engel). 2015-2017. Now Account Manager at Bio-Rad.

    PhD advisor:
    Grunspan, Daniel. Anthropology, University of Washington. (Co-advised with Steven Goodreau). Completed 2016. Post-doctoral fellow at Arizona State University with Randolph Nesse and Sara Brownell.
    Pan, Tiffany. Anthropology, University of Washington. Completed 2019. Post-doctoral fellow at UC Santa Barbara with Amy Boddy.
    Tennyson, Robert. Anthropology, University of Washington. In progress.
    Rebecca Ortega, Anthropology, University of Washington. In progress.

    MPH committee member:
    Bethancourt, Hilary. Public Health (and Anthropology), University of Washington. Completed in 2014. In UW anthropology PhD program.

    Graduate school representative committee member:
    Wolf, Aaron, Genome Sciences, University of Washington. In Progress.
    Meacham, Frazer L. Biology, University of Washington. In progress.
    Popejoy, Alice B. Public Health Genetics, University of Washington. In progress.
    Walker, Lorelei E. Public Health Genetics, University of Washington. PhD 2015
    Marionni, Samuel T. Chemistry, University of Washington. 2013

    Undergraduate Departmental Honors Program in Anthropology Advisor:
    Kevin Magnaye. BA 2015. Now a PhD student at the University of Chicago, Department of Human Genetics.


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