Short Biography

Catherine Petroff

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Office: Off-Campus
Phone 206-235-8059
E-Mail: cpetroff @





Areas of Interest: Tsunamis, Wave-Structure Interactions, Hydraulic Transport, River and Coastal Engineering

Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Coastal), California Institute of Technology, 1993

Selected Publications:

H. Fritz, C. Petroff, P. Catalan, et al, “Field Survey of the February 27, 2010 Chile Tsunami,” Pure and Applied Geophysics, (accepted for publication, 2011).

H. Arnason, C. Petroff, H. Yeh, “Tsunami Bore Impingement onto a Vertical Column,” Journal of Disaster Research, Vol.4, No. 6, pps. 391-403, December 2009.

C. Petroff, F. Raichlen, “The Interaction of Breaking Solitary Waves with an Armored Bottom”, Proceedings 30th Conference on Coastal Engineering, v. 5, pps. 4417 – 4429, 2007.

C. Petroff, A. Moore, H. Arnason, “Particle Advection by Turbulent Bores – Orientation Effects”, Proceedings 2001 International Tsunami Symposium, pps. 897 – 904, 2001.

J. Bourgeois, C. Petroff, H. Yeh, V. Titov, C. Synolakis, B. Benson, J. Kuroiwa, J. Lander, E. Norabuena, “Geologic Setting, Field Survey and Modeling of the Chimbote, Northern Peru, Tsunami of 21 February 1996:” Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 154, n. ¾, 1999.

F. Raichlen, J.J. Lee, C. Petroff, P. Watts, The Generation of Waves by a Landslide: Skagway, Alaska – a case study, Proceedings 25th Conference on Coastal Engineering, v. 2, pps. 1293-1300, 1997.

B. Cook, C. Petroff, The Development of an On-line Interactive, Tsunami -Information Resource Proceedings 25th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, September 1996.

C. Petroff, Momentum Flux in Solitary Waves Breaking over a Mobile Bed, Proceedings International Symposium on Waves – Physical and Numerical Modeling, IAHR, pps 1589- 1598, August 1994.

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