Brain Freeze Tag Lesson Plan
(Integration of physical education and science)
(Developed by Melissa Yoshioka; Maui Community College)


The students will review and reinforce their knowledge of neuroscience vocabulary by playing brain-freeze tag.



Review the many new words related to neuroscience. See how many you can recall.


Teacher will ask class to name neuroscience words which they have learned. (If the game to be played is neuroanatomy tag or neurochemistry tag, the words named by the students should relate to that area of neuroscience.

Teacher will display chart of the brain to help students recall additional words which have not been named.

Teacher will record words on the chalk board as they are called out by students.

Teacher will explain how the brain-freeze tag is played.

Teacher will discuss the rules of the game such as boundary limits, and where students may be tagged.

Teacher will check for understanding to ascertain whether the students understand the game and its rules.

Teacher selects one person to be "it".

Play the game.

Teacher evaluates with the class how well the game was played.

Teacher asks the class to recall the vocabulary words used while playing the game.

Teacher asks the class to name vocabulary words which were not used.

Repeat playing the game. Evaluate and discuss words used or not used in playing the game.


Handout of neuroscience, neuroanatomy or neurochemistry vocabulary. Choose words from the neuroscience glossary. Teacher could assign one or more of the following activities:

  • Write the function of each of the words
  • Words could be scrambled and students must unscramble the words
  • Students study the words for a spelling test
  • Students study the words for a test on the function of each word
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