Neuron Chain - Lesson Plan
(Integration of physical education and science)
(Developed by Melissa Yoshioka; Maui Community College)


The students will discover that neurons attach themselves to each other by playing the game, "Neuron Chain".



The teacher will hold up a chain and ask the following questions:
  • What holds the links of the chain together?
  • In what ways is a neuron chain similar to a chain?
The teacher will display a chart of a neuron chain and discuss how neurons are connected to each other.


The teacher will explain the object of the game and how the game is played. The player who is "it" represents the first neuron. "It" must tag the other players forming a chain of neurons.

The teacher explains how the game is played.

The teacher discusses the rules of the game such as boundary limits and where students may be tagged.

The teacher checks for understanding to ascertain whether the students understand the game and its rules.

The teacher selects one person who is "it".

Play the game

The teacher evaluates with the class how well the game was played.

The teacher discusses the question: in what way does the game represent a neuron chain?

Repeat playing the game with another student selected as the first neuron. Evaluate each time the game is played.


Students will draw a picture of a chain of neurons. Students should be able to identify each part of a neuron including the cell body, axon, axon terminal, dendrites, and synapse.

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