“Whose Streets?”

“Whose Streets?” is an artist’s book created by Beverly Naidus for the exhibition, “Science Stories,” curated by book artist, Lucia Harrison, for the Collins Library at the University of Puget Sound.

“Science Stories” is a unique project that brought together Pacific Northwest scientists and book artists to create engaging and unique artists’ books that offer new ways to interpret science and to tell a story.


For this project, Beverly Naidus chose to work with her colleague, Dr. Christopher Schell, urban ecologist, formerly an Assistant Professor on the faculty of UW Tacoma. In the fall of 2021, Dr. Schell joined the faculty at UC Berkeley.

“Dr. Christopher Schell’s research on coyote behavior and its relationship to gentrification and racial justice inspired me immediately. My creative process was interrupted by many factors related to the pandemic but working on this project grounded me throughout. I changed forms several times during the gestation process; at first, playing with a folded map with “red lines” as well as an accordion book with small doors, blocked or fenced off. Ultimately, I decided to create a book that appears to break out of the box, along with sculptural props to intrigue the eyes of viewers. I chose to make portraits of coyotes as “mug shots” to emphasize the stereotypical attitude many folks have towards them, seeing them as criminals. Dr. Schell’s research offers us a view of urban coyotes as teachers of adaptability & resilience. Our ecosystem and communities would benefit from a shift in our attitudes to this clever carnivore so that we can more skillfully coexist. Habits of prejudice & systemic discrimination have influenced our behavior towards fellow humans as well. Structural racism & ecocide walk hand in hand. Collective action is needed to overcome them.” Beverly Naidus

This exhibition will be traveling in 2022-23. The book has been recently purchased by a major collector of artist’s books, Cynthia Sears, for the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s artist book collection. Plans are afoot to recreate this book as a multiple; affordable and accessible to all who wish to have a copy. Stay tuned.

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