Beverly Naidus's art life has straddled the socially engaged margins of the art world, collaborations with activist groups, and community-based art projects. Much of her work deals with ecological and social issues that have adversely affected her and those around her. Remediation and reconstructive visions are key concepts that guide her work. Her primary forms are public installations, digital projects, and artist’s books that explicitly gather stories from visitors. She has shared her work in city streets, in alternative spaces, university galleries and major museums. Her work has been written about in many books and journals and has developed an international audience. After exciting chapters in New York City and Los Angeles, including fruitful periods in Minnesota, Halifax, Nova Scotia and western Massachusetts, she has made a home in the Pacific Northwest since 2003.

Naidus has taught art as a subversive activity at NYC museums, the Institute for Social Ecology, California State University, Long Beach, Goddard College, Hampshire College and Carleton College, and has led workshops all over the world, both in person and online. In 2020, she retired from UW Tacoma where, for 17 years, she had created and facilitated an innovative, interdisciplinary studio arts curriculum in art for social change and healing. She is the author of Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame (a book that is shifting studio arts curriculum around the world) and has written & published many essays on eco-art and social practice as well as a few works of speculative fiction. She is currently writing a book to help us creatively navigate these uncertain times.

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