The Nightmare Quilt

“The Nightmare Quilt” is a site-specific installation that depicts nightmares and dreams about the future. A quilt made out of 46 rectangular scraps of canvas was crudely sewn together with jute twine. On each scrap, an image of a nightmare was painted on one side and a dream image was painted on its reverse. The quilt was installed on a bed with two pillows. The pillow cases had text written on them that said “Are you comfy, dear?” and the other pillow said “Yes, dear.”. Underneath the first line of text was written, “I’m not really” and “me, neither.”

Facing the bed is a podium where pads of paper were placed. The audience is invited to write down their own nightmare or dream and place it under the quilt. The nightmare side of the quilt is exposed and when lifted up, the audience views a part of the dream side. In order to see the entire dream side the audience has to ask someone to help them. The images on the nightmare side are disconnected, and on the dreamside the images are interwoven and integrated. There are 92 images in all. Exhibitions: CSU Northridge Gallery, CA; Long Beach Art Association Gallery, the Couturier Gallery in Los Angeles; Minus Zero Gallery in Torrance, CA; University Art Museum, Long Beach ( all in 1989), and Dark's Art Parlor, Santa Ana (1994).