Pandemic Miscellanous

The Pandemic Healing Deities were created throughout the pandemic of 2020-2021.

Inspired by a series of Healing Deities originally created for the project, CANARY NOTES: The Personal Politics of Environmental Illness, this new series intends to offer imagery to process the complex and challenging events and emotions of this time. Some of the deities were requested by friends, but most emerged without forethought as soon as the digital pen touched the screen, and colors, textures, shapes, and spaces spoke of a particular presence.

Since the exhibition that featured these images at the Tacoma Community College Gallery, Beverly Naidus has continued painting new ones to address what is emerging.

Each PandemicMiscellanous was digitally painted in the app Procreate and transferred to Photoshop for reworking.

Each one of the deities is available for purchase as a limited edition, signed print in variable sizes. Contact the artist for prices and other details.