“One Size DOES NOT Fit All”

Installation: Mixed Media, variable dimensions and versions (all in the Los Angeles area), 1993-1995. Artist’s Book: The Fat Book, self-published, 1992; One Size DOES NOT Fit All, Aigis Publications, 1993

“One Size DOES NOT Fit All”, is an installation made out of several racks of sculptural clothes. In the 1995 version of this piece the space was painted a lush pink and wooden dowels (also painted pink) hung at different levels from the ceiling, displaying the "clothing."

Old clothes were bleached and soaked in wallpaper paste. While hanging to dry, they were tied, wired, stuffed, torn, and mangled. The stiff forms were then painted with mat or gloss medium and/or paint.

Tags with text and logos were laminated and hang from the clothes like labels. Examples of the text are: "Her body felt out of control," "She appeared to be at ease in her body, but she couldn't find her center," and "The world's problems weighed upon her, but first she'd have to lose some weight."

The content of this piece is based the artist’s book of the same name published by Aigis Publications in 1993. Images from the artist’s book and mirrors were displayed opposite the hanging clothing. A clipboard was placed in the installation inviting women to share their stories about body hate.

This piece has been exhibited in galleries and next to the fitting rooms of a women’s clothing shop. An earlier version of the artist’s book was called The Fat Book and was self-published at Kinkos.

Exhibitions: Cal Poly Pomona Gallery (1992), Highways, Santa Monica, CA (1993); Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, CA - including a rack in the store CP SHADES (1993), Montgomery Gallery, Pomona College, Claremont, CA - including a rack in the student union (1993), the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood (1995) and Indiana University, South Bend (2006). Discussed in a book by Paul Von Blum.