We are an interdisciplinary group that explores neural interfaces as adaptive closed-loop systems. We use engineering approaches to leverage neural adaptation for improved interfaces, and use neural interfaces as a tool to study neural mechanisms of learning. The lab also specializes in system integration for advancing neurotechnologies to study neural circuits in awake primates for basic science and towards human translation.

The lab is integrated across departments and centers spanning engineering and neuroscience:
Departmental affiliations
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Washington National Primate Research Center

UW Center affiliations
Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE)
University of Washington Institute of Neuroengineering (UWIN)
Computational Neuroscience Center

National/International affiliations
Simons Foundation Collaboration on the Global Brain
Accelerated Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Data-Driven Discovery (A3D3)
Weill Neurohub

Active and recently completed funding
NSF CAREER award; Mind, Motor, Machine Nexus and Disability & Rehabilitation Engineering programs (2024-2029)
NINDS R01 (2023-2028)
Washington Research Foundation Ron S. Howell Faculty Fellowship (2023 - 2024)
BRAIN Initiative U01 (2022-2025)
Simons Foundation Collaboration on the Global Brain Pilot (2021-2025)
Meta Reality labs sponsored research (2021-2023)
NSF EAGER, CMMI M3X (2022-2023)
NSF Harnessing the Data Revolution Institute (2021-2026)
Weill Neurohub, Pilar Project in Neural Engineering
Washington National Primate Research Center Ignition Pilot award
Google Research Faculty Award
Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Engineering K12 award
University of Washington Royalty Research Fund